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Loaded E-Liquid

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Loaded E-Liquid Flavor Collection by Ruthless Vapor

The Loaded E-Liquid collection by Ruthless vapors is a sweet sampling of heaven combining the deliciously sweet flavoring of a well-made tasty treat, with the quality of Ruthless E-Liquid into one amazing package. Loaded E-Liquid is one of the best choices available on the market today to fit your vaping needs, manufactured by Ruthless and featuring only the finest ingredients and manufacturing processes. Every batch is checked and rechecked to ensure it meets only the highest standards of quality assurance and that every drop will meet the customers' satisfaction. The Loaded E-Liquid brand has been tailored for new and old vape users alike, with delicious flavor offerings and just the right vape. It's hard to go wrong when picking Loaded E-Liquid, as every choice brings something new to the ever expanding flavor profile of this excellent E-Liquid line of products. Whether it's for the discerning connoisseur or someone new to the vaping world looking for a nice mellow product to relax with after a long day, Loaded E-Liquid has a flavor for everyone.

Loaded Glazed Donuts

Bringing to mind the sights and smells of a warm bakery pulling out their first batch of baked pastries early in the morning, Ruthless' doughnut flavored treat will entice the taste buds and delight the senses. Starting as a sweet highlight of sugar glazed flavor on the tongue and slowly fading into the mouth watering taste of freshly baked dough, the doughnut flavored E-Liquid offering is a treat for anyone fortunate enough to try it. Highly sought after by vapor fans, this flavoring is a unique and well-crafted product for sweet-tasting E-Liquid lovers everywhere. Try this amazing and unexpected flavor today, and begin the trip into delicious nirvana.

Loaded Smores

Who doesn't fondly remember their first bite of a melted S'more? Regardless of when it was first experienced whether it was around the campfire with the family, or hanging with friends around the stove in the kitchen, the delectable taste profile of warm melted chocolate, gooey marshmallow and sweet crisp graham cracker sticks on the tongue for a lifetime. Experience this nostalgic flavor adventure with Smores by Loaded E-Liquid's offering. Mirroring the exact flavor of a bite from your favorite impromptu chocolate and marshmallow graham cracker sandwich, S`mores will find a fan with the campfire traveler in all of us. With a changing flavor profile, S`mores goes from crisp to sweet, to melted chocolate wave all in a single vape. First, the homegrown taste of graham cracker spreads through your taste-buds followed closely by the gooey flow of melted marshmallow. To complete the experience, a wave of warm melted chocolate floods your tongue, tapering off succinctly as the vapor is inhaled, creating a truly unique and wonderful vaping taste adventure that will leave your mouth watering for another pull. Try this uniquely well-designed flavor today, and discover how the sense of taste can bring fun memories of days gone by flooding back while leaving you drooling for another bite.