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Loki Touch Vaporizer Replacement Parts

Loki Vape made a name for itself in the vaping industry when it introduced the first touch screen vaporizer, the Loki Touch. You can find all of the Loki Touch vaporizer replacement parts you need at while benefiting from the lowest prices and best customer service. There is no need to stress out when your Loki Touch needs repair. Just choose what you need from our selection and we will ship it to you fast. No one wants to waste time waiting when they could be vaping.

Based in Corona, California, Loki Vape employs a talented team of designers and vaping specialists that design innovative and intuitive products. The hallmark of this brand is keeping pace with advances in vaping technology. This mentality resulted in the creation of the Loki Touch, an advanced vaporizer that introduced touch screen functionality to put vapers in complete control. Sleek and powerful, the Loki Touch leaves other vaporizers behind with its amazing level of customization over temperature ranges. It truly brings vaping in line with modern technology by virtue of its touch screen convenience. Vapers can expect this brand to continue forging ahead with their cutting-edge product line. 

Durability is important to Loki Vape, and all of their products are built to withstand an active vaping lifestyle. Like all pieces of vaping equipment, repairs may be necessary from time to time. When this happens, look no further than A few of the Loki Touch vaporizer replacement parts available include the Loki Touch Charging Cable. Having an extra one of these on hand means you can leave one at home and travel with another, guaranteeing that you will always have access to your preferred vaporizer. 

Being able to vape dry herbs as well as e-liquids is another reason vapers love the Loki Touch. has the Loki Touch Herb Chamber Screen Set 5pk which needs replacing from time to time depending on how often you use your Loki Touch to vape dry herbs. We also have the Loki Touch Replacement Heating Chamber Cover to help get the smoothest vape every time. Loki Vape also produces a Loki Touch Silicone Sleeve that helps reduce the amount of heat felt when holding the vaporizer. All of these replacement parts are offered with the goal of extending the life of your Loki Touch by Loki Vape. The company wants everyone that uses their vaporizers to have a top-shelf experience.

Cleaning Tools by Loki Touch

Of course, keeping a vaporizer like the Loki Touch clean is a huge plus. If you need a replacement cleaning brush, has this important accessory. Most vapers would agree that an effective cleaning routine helps a vaporizer to continue delivering robust hits that aren't bitter. A Loki Touch Replacement Mouthpiece Cover is another important element to keeping the vaporizer clean and functioning to the best of its ability. It can greatly reduce germs and other debris that can affect the taste of your vape.

To get the most out of the great vaporizers produced by Loki Vape, recommends protecting your investment when necessary with Loki Touch vaporizer replacement parts. It is not uncommon for the Loki Touch to provide years of enjoyment when it is well-maintained. Take care of your vaporizer and it will take care of you.

While you are shopping at for replacement parts, be sure to check out all of our categories for the best prices on premium vaping accessories. We carry tanks, mods, RDAs, and an insane quantity of premium e-liquids by all of the hottest brands. No one cares about vapers like we do and it shows in how we treat our customers.

Loki Touch Vaporizer Replacement Parts

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  • Loki Touch Charging Cable by Loki Vape

    Not being able to charge your Loki Touch digital vaporizer can be a real downer. If you're all ready and set to go to participate in some classic vaping fun, it can be frustrating to realize that your vaporizer simply isn't charged. That's why it's important to be equipped with a reliable charging cable. If you need a dependable charging cable for your Loki Touch digital vaporizer, Loki Vape has an option that's made exclusively for it. 

  • Loki Touch Cleaning Brush by Loki Vape

    Anyone who believes that cleanliness is next to godliness may indeed be a vaping fan. If you want to be as close to a vaping master as possible, you have to focus on cleaning your products out on a regular basis. We offer a cleaning brush for the Loki Touch digital vaporizer that's effective, durable and sturdy.

  • Loki Touch Replacement Mouthpiece Cover by Loki Vape

    If you want to revel in a vaping experience that's truly wonderful and soothing, cleanliness should always be a big priority for you. Keeping your digital vaporizer in fine condition involves making sure it's always as clean as a whistle. Cleanliness isn't only important for health and well-being reasons, either. If you're a vaping enthusiast, you're probably aware of how cleanliness positively affects both flavor and performance.

  • Loki Touch Silicone Sleeve by Loki Vape

    If you're a true vaping aficionado, then you know just how frustrating and uncomfortable it can be to hold a vaporizer that feels too hot. That's why the brains here at Loki Vape are offering you an exciting and dependable silicone sleeve for your Loki Touch digital vaporizer. If you want to optimize your experience with the Loki Touch digital vape, depending on our silicone sleeve can be the wise route for you, to say the least. 

  • Loki Touch Herb Chamber Screen Set 5 pk by Loki Vape

    An herb chamber is an essential component of the Loki Touch digital vaporizer made by Loki Vape. If you're searching for an herb chamber that can handle cooking duties in an efficient and even manner, there's no better choice around than our Loki Touch Herb Chamber Screen Set. This pack we offer consists of a total of five herb chamber screens.

  • Loki Touch Replacement Heating Chamber Cover by Loki Vape

    If you're a bona fide vaping enthusiast, you know just how invaluable a vaporizer's heating chamber is. A vape's heating chamber, in essence, is the location where all the action takes place. It's the vaporizer's heart and soul. If you want heated air to make its way over to your vape's mouthpiece efficiently, a sturdy and reliable heating chamber is absolutely essential.

  • Loki Touch Mouthpiece Screen Set 5 pk by Loki Vape

    If you're searching for high-quality accessories for your Loki Touch digital vaporizer, it may be time to investigate your options in replacement mouthpieces. We have mouthpiece screen sets that are available in convenient packs of five here at Loki Vape. When you're looking for a sturdy replacement mouthpiece, this product takes the cake.