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Lost Vape

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Lost Vape Vaporizers

Who is Lost Vape

A Brand to Watch!

Lost Vape is a new unique brand that delivers high-end devices designed with top functionality, beauty and ease of use! Established in 2014, this brand has taken over the market producing game changing devices developed by avid vapers and entrepreneurs with a vision of innovation in mind.

Fast forward a few years and Frank Guo, one of the innovators, vision has come true! Lost Vape has grown in name and business, designing innovative pieces for all levels of vapers to enjoy. Delivering units like the Orion Q Pod Mod Quest Kit by Lost Vape and the Orion Plus Pod DNA Kit by Lost Vape they nothing less than perfection in every device.

With a passion for craftsmanship and engineering, this luxury brand fuses superior performance, stunning visuals and cutting-edge technology. Lost Vape’s goal is to deliver exceptional, unprecedented user experience for each patron and to let these values shine through in their products. Driven by passion this mega house has evolved from trend-followers to trend setters.

Devices by Lost Vape

Devices by Lost Vape

Indulge in Greatness

2018 was the year of the vape pod. Instead of going with the flow Lost Vape decided to forge a new path making stand out devices. While others have been following the flood of the market, Lost Vape designed something revolutionary.

Over the years Lost Vape has produced and delivered incredible, one of a kind devices. With the idea of creating high end devices at great economic prices Lost Vape makes devices for all users. Fan favorites include the Orion Plus Pod DNA Kit by Lost Vape and the Orion Q 40W Pod Mod by Lost Vape.

An upgraded version of the Orion DNA Go, the Orion Plus Pod DNA Kit is a remarkable stunner taking over the market. Featuring the new pod install and the replaceable coils (0.25ohm mesh coil and 0.5ohm regular coil) it allows the user to enjoy continuous sessions like never before. Enjoy draw after draw of flavor packed vape clouds with this incredible device you might find hard putting down.

Another hit from Lost Vape is the Orion Q 40W Pod Mod. The Orion Q 40W Pod Mod by Lost Vape is an inventive device made to deliver an unforgettable experience. Featuring a proprietary chipset with 40W max output, 950mAh internal battery and the 1.0-ohm KTR Orion Pod, it provides a luxurious, elevated experience with out of this world sessions.

These are two devices in their long line of succession; Lost Vape is a top producing brand with no plans on stopping!

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So, Shop Lost Vape!

You’ll be Glad You Did

If there was ever a brand that took top performance and stunning designs to heart it is Lost Vape! They create vaporizer devices for all looking for a one of a kind piece. Luxurious devices packed with superior high-end technology, Lost Vape truly brings their customers expensive taste at economic, reasonable prices! So, shop now!