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Mad Hatter E-Liquid

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Mad Hatter E-Juice

When those mad cravings hit, there's no better way to satisfy that insane need for something ridiculously tasty and sweet than the sensational E-Liquid selections from the Mad Hatter E-liquid brand. There's no doubt that vapers love a great taste so much, they are ready to go bonkers for a brand that offers something incredibly sweet, tasty and just ridiculously, big time bonkers going major gaga good. 

That's why The Mad Hatter E-liquid brand is now one of the top choices for the out of their head, crazy for a great taste vapers everywhere!

When you are ready to head to a Mad tea party because those taste cravings won't quit, you need to head to The Mad Hatter Brand before the clock strikes twelve and you feel ready to jump down a rabbit hole.

The Mad Hatter E-Juice brand has it all, with three insanely good flavors that have vape enthusiasts ordering up in a crazy way.

The flavors offered by The Mad Hatter brand are irresistibly delicious, each with their own specially curated taste, created by the brand's top level mixologists over an extensive period of refinement, mixing and testing. These flavors are all sampled by the mixers themselves to ensure that only the finest tastes are approved for the enjoyment of The Mad Hatter's vaping customers. 

Three Delicious Tastes to Choose From

The Mad Hatter offers three kinds of E-Liquid tastes, each with their own particular kind of savory flavors. 'I Love Donuts' is a donut lovers dream, as it delivers the kind of (almost) fresh baked goodness of real donuts. This E-liquid flavor tastes like scrumptious donuts straight out of the oven, with baked in fresh blueberries and a hint of sugary sweetness frosted on top. This tasty favor is available now in 30 ml and 120 size bottles.

'I Love Cookies' is another incredible taste sensation. This E-Juice offers the taste of down home cookies, dipped in a full glass of ice cold milk, with a little tiny bit of delicious strawberry icing drizzled on top. This uniquely tasty flavor comes in 30 and 120 ml sizes, and is available in your choice of 3, 6 and 12 ml of nicotine. 

'I Love Taffy' is an E-liquid that delivers the taste of a gourmet taffy made with sweet juicy peaches and cream! This sensational taste will bring on smiles of vaping happiness with every draw! This taste comes in a 60ml bottle, with a choice of nicotine levels from 0mg to 3 to 6 to 9.

When it's time to experience a taste sensation like no other, order E-liquid from The Mad Hatter today!