Magic Flight Finishing Grinder

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Enjoy your favorite dry herb with the Magic Flight Finishing Grinder.


Product Description

The Magic Flight Grinder creates a fine grind that will deliver an unbelievable vaping experience. Beautifully constructed the grinder is hand-finished and its intuitive design allows it to be perched on top of the bowl on the Magic Flight Launch Box. The design also lets the user deposit their herbal blend directly into the trend for a perfect session. When dry herb is put into the Magic Flight Finishing Grinder, it is pushed against the grinding surface. Then twist the Magic Flight Finishing Grinder, grating the material into the trench, resulting in an extremely fine consistency, which is ideal for your Magic Launch Box. The Magic Flight Finishing Grinder is offered in three supportable wood types for your preference. On the lid of the grinder the Magic Flight glyph is laser-etched giving it a chic finish. Coupled with the Magic Flight Launch Box, these two make for a dynamic duo.

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    5 stars

    I got this as a gift and when I first looked at it, I said it looked really nice but does it grind good? It actually has a good grind consistency. You have to apply more pressure than other grinders but the outcome is nice. One thing thats really great is that it fits over your launch box. Overall great product but yeah its a bit hard to clean which is not that biiig of an issue

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