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The Magic Flight Launch Box is a portable vaporizer that employs conduction heat. It's a wooden device that has a classic rectangular form. It's made of walnut, cherry and maple woods. The Magic Flight Launch Box is beneficial for dry herb vaporization needs.


Product Description

It's a highly user-friendly vaporizer that boasts an impressive heat-up time of fewer than five seconds. Since it's a portable device, it's free of any plugs or cords. It's 2.5 by 1.25 by 0.9 inches in size. Users can put these units in their pockets with ease.

The Magic Flight Launch Box is a user-friendly portable unit that can be helpful to vapers who are perpetually in motion. This vaporizer has a basic design that promotes easy and smooth vaping in all types of settings. It doesn't matter if you're planning on vaping in the cold or in a windy locale. It doesn't matter if you're planning on vaping at higher elevations, either. The Magic Flight Launch Box can handle all kinds of altitude shifts.

The Magic Flight Launch Box is a revelation in the vaping universe. It employs alkaline batteries that can provide users with vaporization sessions that are smooth, comfortable and pleasant. These batteries are rechargeable. The unit's heating element is no joke, either. That's because it can achieve suitable vaporization temperatures in five seconds or less. The Launch Box is a vision of beauty, too. This is thanks to its handcrafted wood construction. It's completely devoid of metal and plastic. If you're serious about vapors that are chock-full of amazing flavor, the Magic Flight Launch Box can take excellent care of you. If you're serious about vapors that are full and strong, ditto. People who want vaping units that can manage all varieties of aromatherapy and herb mixes can count on this top-rated Magic Flight offering.

This handmade portable vaporizer can be a great choice for people who are busy and who always have hectic schedules. That's not just because it's compact, either. It's also because it's so easy to get it started. If you're ready to vape, just put the battery in. You'll instantly be all set to have fun! The design of the Magic Flight Launch Box is remarkable. This unit is composed of a total of merely six components. It lacks buttons, too. It's a cinch to load the Magic Flight Launch Box. It's also a cinch to keep it clean.

If you like the idea of a sturdy and strong stainless steel screen, this vaporizer may be up your alley. If you like the idea of a natural unit that doesn't involve any melting or burning, this device could be calling your name, too. Its strong points are plentiful. The Magic Flight Launch Box heats up speedily. It thrives on slow draws. It gets cool in a nice and speedy manner. It runs quietly and can provide you with the most efficient and convenient vaping session around. If you like strong birch hardwood and maximum convenience, this Magic Flight product could change your vaping life for the better.

Magic Flight is an acclaimed vaporization brand that's located in Southern California. It was founded in 2009. Magic Flight is known for sturdy, dependable and efficient vaporization devices. Got Vape can assist shoppers who have their eyes on the Magic Flight Launch Box and Magic Flight products in general. We're a prominent vaporization product distributor. If you want information about this portable vape, we can accommodate you. If you want information about any replacement parts for it, we can accommodate you, too. We sell the Magic Flight Finishing Grinder that offers superb consistency. We sell the Magic Flight Vaporizer Tube Attachment, too. Other Magic Flight Launch Box components we offer include a custom storage case, a glass stem, a whip and a cleaning brush. Contact Got Vape for extra information today.

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    small flaws but still an awesome product

    although the price is pretty steep for not so rich people like me, I had to bite the bullet and try this out. I really needed something small, portable, and a great product at that. This gets the job done and I believe its the best small vaporizer out there. Even with its flaws, it works like a charm. It works very quick unlike some stuff out there and I've had this for about 7 months. Still a great product to me. If you are looking for a portable vaporizer this is it

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