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Magic Flight Vaporizer Replacement Parts

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Magic Flight Vaporizer Parts

Magic-Flight is one of those brands that has a deep philosophy that goes beyond success in the vaporizer industry. Their perspective is based on an old proverb that is printed on each of their Launch Box portable vaporizers. The quote reads, "Love is that which enables choice. Love is always stronger than fear. Always choose on the basis of love." This simple aphorism perfectly describes the brand's commitment to producing vaporizers that are not only highly functional, but that also elicit a positive emotional response from the user.

Every device produced by Magic-Flight is made with this devotion to love. The company wants to help spread that philosophy as far as it will reach, so they gauge their effectiveness as a brand not through the expansion of their market share, but through customer satisfaction and personal growth. They want others to realize how vital it is to approach the world with patience, understanding, and a general desire to spread joy and love. 

Sturdy Vape Products from Magic Flight

One of the things that makes Magic-Flight stand out from the rest is their commitment to using renewable resources in their production lines. Many of their vaporizers include solid wood components that are not only exceptionally functional but also naturally beautiful. Using such natural, renewable resources allows the company to offer higher levels of sustainability than other vaporizer options. Their flagship product, the Launch Box, is made by hand in a process that takes nearly 90 individual steps, yet the professional team of engineers and artisans at Magic-Flight handles the job with ease.

The Magic-Flight logo is a symbol of their philosophy. The symbol takes on several meanings, including a stylized version of the founder's initials. It can also be seen to represent vapor leaving a device, or a human figure with its arms raised to the sky. They attribute this representation to the Burning Man ceremony that takes place out in the desert every year, and they are so in line with that perspective that the entire company is given a holiday for the event. We at appreciate such a commitment to premium quality and sustainability, which is why we carry a full selection of Magic-Flight Vaporizer replacement parts and accessories.

Magic Flight Attachments and Accessories

Our selection of Magic-Flight Vaporizer replacement parts includes many components that expand the utility of the original device. For instance, the Magic-Flight Vaporizer Tube Attachment is made to allow a user with a Launch Box to set the device down and focus only on enjoying the vapor through the tube. The Tube Attachment comes with a wooden attachment piece that comes in several different finishes, including Cherry, Walnut, and Maple. We also carry a 1 ft Magic-Flight Whip Tube that is made from pure silicon.

Magic Flight Launch Box Acccesories and Parts from A to Z

Our inventory also includes everything you need to keep the device running smoothly. We have replacement batteries you can buy for the Launch Box, a power adapter with the same wooden aesthetic as the rest of the Magic-Flight family, and a battery charger for continuous use with a spare set of batteries. We also carry several different stems for the device, including wooden, glass, and acrylic stem varieties.

Since the Launch Box is a dry herb vaporizer, we also carry several Magic-Flight grinders. We carry a wooden Magic-Flight Finishing Grinder and a stainless steel Magic-Flight Nano Grinder. If you'd rather use essential oils or wax concentrates with the Launch Box, you can do so with the Magic-Flight Concentrate Tray that holds the oils in the device without the fear of spilling. Our inventory of Magic-Flight Vaporizer replacement parts also includes a cleaning brush for the heating chamber, and we also have carrying case if you have too many accessories to carry in your pocket.