Magma Glass Bubble by Ooze


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The Magma Glass Bubble by Ooze is a great accessory for the Ooze Magma eRig.


Product Description

The Ooze Magma is the first of its kind, combining a device that can be used as both a portable vaporizer rig and portable electric nail. Enjoy your favorite concentrates and get an incredible session unlike anything you’ve had before. Beautifully crafted this glass bubble will give you the full effect of your sessions, with a bit of water, this hand made bubble will elevate you concentrates to the next level. Creating smooth, great-tasting draws the Magma Glass Bubble is also durable, lasting through daily use. Paired with the Ooze Magma eRig, the Magma Glass Bubble byb Ooze is something you will not want to miss out on.

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