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Portable enails are a fairly new phenomena within the vaping industry. The Magma Portable Enail by Ooze encapsulates the best qualities of an enail with the added benefit of adaptability. The high capacity 2900mAh battery produces temperatures between 572°F and 842°F for concentrate vaping. The glass bubbler mouthpiece clears each draw of any imperfections to ultimately yield unmatched vapor quality. The single button system is user friendly and enables each of the units technical functions.


Product Description

The Magma Portable Enail by Ooze combines technology, utility, and adaptability. The self contained kit includes all of the tools necessary for a vaping session. A scraping tool, carb cap, and USB charger are all included. While users are sure to love using the glass bubbler the comes with the package, the battery base can also be used with glass water pipes. The base has both male (14mm) and female (18mm) attachments which allows it to be genuinely versatile for multiple units aside from the one included in the Magma kit. 

The Magma's bubbler has an integrated airflow system which aids users in clearing the chamber during a draw. With the addition of the carb cap, vapers will be able to enjoy the fullness of every inhalation. The heat setting can be adjusted to either 572°F, 662°F, 752°F, or 842°F for a truly customized experience. Three clicks of the button starts the heating process. When the LED lights, located above the ignition button, are flashing, that is an indication that the unit is running. From there, the temperature can be altered by pressing the single button twice. Concentrates are placed directly into the atomizer which can have either a dual quartz coil or a single quartz coil enail.

Because parts of the Magma are fragile and also become less effective after several uses over months, Ooze has made a number of products to help with the maintenance of the Magma Enail. The Magma Quartz Coil by Ooze is able to replace the enail head should the one included in the kit be used to the point of non-productivity. There is also the Magma Glass Bubble by Ooze. This item can be used to replace the glass bubbler should it get damaged, cracked, or otherwise rendered structurally unsound.

Another option for a portable enail is the Hurricane Water Bubbler Vaporizer by Ooze. This kit's battery holds a 650mAh charge and accommodates ideally tempered concentrates. The pre-installed, titanium wrapped, dual quartz coils utilizes a wick-less system in order to help provide users with as pure a draw as possible. The aesthetically designed, glass bubbler also has an integrated percolator and works to filter and cool vapor. 

Ooze has been a member of the vaping community for more than 10 years. During that time, they researched, crafted, and released units that utilize seamless heating procedures as well as long living devices. They push their products to give customers the best experiences possible without having to pay exorbitant price tags. Ooze strives to be on the cutting edge of innovation and functionality with each new concentrate, dry herb, or essential oil vaporizer they release. 

While you consider the benefits of a device like the Magma Portable Enail by Ooze, browse through the rest of We have generous provisions in the way of tanks, mods, pens, rigs, accessories, etc. As proud members of the vaporization industry we seek to stock quality products meant to enrich our customer's vaping sessions. If any questions come up as you search the website, don't hesitate to contact our staff of professionals.

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