Magneto Camoflauge Edition Concentrate Vaporizer by Yocan

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The distinct design of the Magneto Camouflage Edition Concentrate Vaporizer by Yocan makes it a real stand out from the rest. Perfect for those who love military memorabilia, this vaporizer introduces a very innovative magnetic connection for the mouthpiece and coil cap. Because of this feature, loading the coil is definitely made a whole lot easier.


Product Description

All the same features of Yocan Magneto Wax Pen are intact in this special Camouflage Edition. You can expect a smooth, clean taste from this device, and it’s because of its high-quality ceramic coil. The first layer of the coil is where the concentrate is melted. Then it goes to the second level to be atomized. The ceramic coil is designed to be hollow on the side to speed up the vaping process. This very feature is the reason why the Magneto Camoflauge Edition Wax Pen is different from than most.

So if you want nothing but a strong, flavorful, and clean tasting vapor, this device is what you should get. It’s a very portable and compact vaporizer pen that you can take anywhere so you can enjoy a fairly satisfying vaping experience anywhere you may be.

The magnetic coil also comes with a built-in dab tool, built-in silicon jar, and magnetic caps for easy loading. Even the mouthpiece is magnetic so it’s generally easy to use and store away. This dab pen was designed with nothing else but the user’s ease and convenience in mind.

This Dab Pen is powered by a 1100 mAh battery and it has an atomizer resistance of 0.6 ohm. The package contains the Camouflage Version Magneto Atomizer, Camouflage Version Magneto Battery, and a USB cable. Among the accessories that you can use with this device is the Magneto Coil and Coil Cap 5pk by Yocan.

This wax pen is made especially for concentrates. Because it is small and discreet, it perfectly fits the palm of your hand. It is super compact yet very powerful, thanks to its 1100 mAh battery. If the battery goes low at any time, simply recharge the device using the included USB cable.

The power button of this device is also ergonomically designed for smoother operation. Simply touch the button to turn on or turn off the device. Every part that comes with this dab pen is well-engineered, such as the atomizer tube, magnetic coil cap and dab tool, ceramic coil, base, battery, and silicone jar. The device can be filled up to 2ml of your favorite concentrate.

While you’re shopping for the Magneto Camoflauge Edition Concentrate Vaporizer by Yocan here at, feel free to check out the other devices that are also offered by this manufacturer. They also have a similar device that works with e-juices. If you have any question about this product, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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