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The Mak Dry Herd Tank by Yocan offers all the best things about a mod, without sacrificing design and functionality. For dry herb vaporization, its single, high end heating coil creates a perfect amount of heat to not burn the dry herbs, but still have a premium vapor payoff. It also has a dual-purpose mouth piece which allows customers to pack dry herbs, but also easily remove any residual ash. With standard ego threads, this tank is a powerful, easy addition to any vape collection.


Product Description

Those that invest in the Mak Dry Herb Tank by Yocan will find themselves treated to a quality vaping experience. However, you wont have to pay an arm and a leg or sacrifice quality materials. It is constructed of unbreakable Pyrex glass and pure metal to ensure it gets the longevity you deserve. It easily breaks down into four pieces for cleaning purposes and is an overall sleek, portable size. 

Mak is the perfect balance of seamless design and unequivocal functionality. The single heating coil will always bring dry herb to an optimum point for vaporization without burning the product. The turn around exhaled vapor is smooth and always gratifyingly huge. Additionally, with the adjustable 2.5-2.56ohm coil, users will be able to close on their perfect point of heat for whatever their preference of vapor and flavor is.

With any mod, tank, or accessory, often times its foundation starts with a vaporizer. For those that are inclined towards dry herb varieties, Yocan also makes the Evolve D Plus. This dual coil vapor pen will fit in the palm of your hand, but still packs high quality vapor into every draw. As an added bonus is has a storage compartment at the base and comes in multiple color options. 

As a slightly higher end dry herb pen, Yocan also makes the iShred. This product has a 2600 mAh battery for maximum run time and has adjustable temperature options for anything between 200°F-460°F. The mouth piece on this vaporizer has mobility and can be used to stir the bowl as you vape. The ceramic material used in its construction holds heat at a constant, consistent level to ensure that every draw is full. The iShred offers a digital display so users can monitor temperature and battery life. It has smart tech. that will also recall your last setting used and mimic that for your next session. 

Yocan is the maker of the Mak and they opened their doors several years ago. Since that time, they curated and cultivated products with the express purpose of creating premier vaping experiences. The only types of products they design are for vaping essential oils, dry herbs, and concentrates. By doing this, they've allowed themselves to truly zero in on what needs to happen and be included in order to make their products exceptional.

Aside from some devices being patented, each device is also CE, RoHS, and FCC certified. As a result each one of their products comes with a quality guarantee so users can have peace of mind in the fact that their satisfaction is always top priority.

As you consider the Mak Dry Herb Tank by Yocan and search through all the things that Yocan has to offer, don't hesitate to see our comprehensive list of online options for mods, tanks, accessories, and supplies. For, quality products is always the top priority. If you have any questions about our vaporizers or supplies, don't hesitate to contact out customer care team as they are always happy to help.

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