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From your very first puff of delicious Mango by NKTR E-Liquid, you know your discerning taste buds are in for a real treat. NKTR E-Liquid is the first vaping e-liquid to use 100% tobacco free nicotine in its entire product line. This tobacco free nicotine is practically undetectable and has no taste or odor to interfere with the flavor of your vaping e-liquid.


Product Description

Without the actual taste of nicotine to mask and blend with, e-liquids by NKTR E-Liquid are free to capture remarkably juicy and realistic fruit flavors with no funny aftertaste or strange aroma as sometimes happens with the regular nicotine in other e-liquids. All of the three flavors by NKTR E-Liquid are delightfully complex and layered, but they are also delicate and surprisingly refreshing with a simple flavor profile that actually tastes like real fruit!

Each of the three flavors by NKTR E-Liquid are carefully balanced and designed to strike your palate with the pure taste of juicy ripened fruit without any strange nicotine flavors to disrupt your vaping enjoyment. All of the flavors by NKTR E-Liquid are available for purchase in 30 mL bottles, and you can choose from four levels of tobacco free nicotine to get the perfect vaping experience every time. Each of the delicious fruit flavors by NKTR E-Liquid can offer you 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg, or even 12 mg of tobacco free nicotine, and no matter what potency you opt for, you will never have to worry about any of that nicotine flavor interfering with your vaping enjoyment.

This delectable Mango by NKTR E-Liquid tastes exactly like biting into a perfectly ripe mango fresh from the tropics. Your first inhale will indulge your taste buds with fruity sweetness, and a depth of flavor will reveal itself to you as you start to exhale. Mango by NKTR E-Liquid has a bright sunny flavor profile that makes your mouth water with the tropical taste of real mango. The initial sweetness of Mango by NKTR E-Liquid deepens with a tangy tartness very similar to a ripened pineapple or a sweetened lemon taste. This tart flavor note blends beautifully with the natural peachy flavor notes of real mango, and a subtle hint of refreshing apple arises at the end of each exhale to round out this authentic mango experience.

Any lover of tropical mango fruit will be sure to enjoy this flavorful Mango by NKTR E-Liquid. The delicious e-liquid flavor is juicy and powerful without being too sweet or overwhelming, equally perfect for a relaxing vaping session on a warm summer afternoon or a quick tropical escape on your next smoke break at work. The mango flavor in many e-liquids can taste cloying or excessively sweet and imprecise, but this superb Mango by NKTR E-Liquid really does capture all the flavor notes of real mango in perfect balance, without including any extra flavors that would seem odd or out of place for true mango connoisseurs. With a nice blend of 70/30 VG/PG, tasty Mango by NKTR E-Liquid will deliver great clouds and even better flavor for a delicious vaping experience you will never forget.

If you have already tried this remarkable Mango by NKTR E-Liquid, you are sure to enjoy the two other fantastic fruit flavors by NKTR E-Liquid. Try out mouthwatering Pear by NKTR E-Liquid for a fresh burst of tart sweetness, or go for juicy Guava by NKTR E-Liquid for a tangy explosion of tropical fruit. Once you experience the flavor revolution of NKTR E-Liquid with odorless 100% tobacco free nicotine, you will never taste other e-liquids the same way again.

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