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Mango Tango by Bazooka Vape is an e-liquid that taps into the true flavors of its tropical fruit counterpart. More specifically, it is designed to be a nod to the candy straw gummies of days gone past. As every quality e-liquid should, Mango Tango carries powerful flavor while still allowing the space for a dense cloud payoff. Among its best attributes is the fact that there is no sticky after taste that ruins the draw. It's a perfect balance of taste and vapor. 


Product Description

Mango Tango by Bazooka Vape is one of the flavors within the Tropical Thunder line. Part of the intention of the variety is to take vapers down memory lane by drawing on nostalgic candies from the past. The mango flavor is fully realized and is a perfect balance of strong and subtle sweetness to create an overall blissful draw.

Mango Tango's taste and cloud payoff are in perfect harmony. The sweet nature of its flavor never becomes so rich that it becomes repulsive. Hitting the mark of perfect sweetness will have users reaching for this e-liquid day in and day out. No draw will cake the mouth with a tacky stickiness which can ruin an e-liquid altogether. Mango Tango's ratio of VG to PG is 70%/30%. By doing this, the flavor payoff and vapor payoff are in complete equilibrium.

Within Bazooka Vape's Tropical Thunder line, there is also a flavor called Pineapple Peach. This flavor's draw starts with the tangy sting of a pineapple, but is ultimately finished with the sweetness of a peach. It is another testament to a candy straw counterpart, a theme consistent throughout the line. Like Mango Tango, it has a nice sweetness, no residual after-taste, and always a vapor filled exhalation. Vapers are sure to feel like they are eating the candy itself instead of taking a draw of an e-liquid. 

Also within the brand is the Ice line of flavor options. Among the assortment is Green Apple. Users will pucker through this draw as the sour yet sweet flavor fills their mouth. Never one to sacrifice the unison inherent in every e-liquid, the vapor payoff and flavor packed liquid is a fun addition to any collection. The addition of menthol make this a cool, tasty e-liquid.

Bazooka Vape opened their doors several years ago. The Los Angeles based company has since curated products that serve as a genuine narrative on quality e-liquids. Every line is made in America and always offers the idyllic balance of fun flavors with unmatched vapor clouds. Their mission is to create premium vaping products. 

Mango Tango by Bazooka Vape is packaged in a 100mL bottle. This large size is perfect as many users will find themselves reaching for this flavor multiple times a day. The eye-dropper style lid makes refills easy so that no product goes to waste. Per the usual with Bazooka Vape products, Mango Tango is available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine concentrates. So whether you want this item simply for the taste or if you want it for the side effects of nicotine, this flavor has it all. 

While you decide if you want to invest in one of Bazooka Vape's options, feel free to see if has any mods, tanks, parts, or other e-liquids that you may want. If you have any questions regarding a product on the website or even have a general question, please contact our customer service team.

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