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Marine Vape E-Juice

Marina Vape is an e-liquid manufacturing company that was founded in 2013 in Southern, CA. After their initial focus on fruit flavors, Marina Vape has expanded its catalogue to become one of the most diverse and well-respected e-juice lines in the industry. Whether you like donuts, apple cider, marshmallows, or anything in between, you are sure to find something Marina Vape has made that you will enjoy.

Alpha Vape

The first line of e-liquids this company produced is called Alpha Vape. These eight flavors are mainly centered on fruit. For example, Hoops is a mix of honeydew pear, cantaloupe, and cream; Miss White is intended to resemble raspberry and dragon fruit. 

After Alpha Vape, this company launched the Omega Vape line. Omega Vape was intended to focus on dessert flavors, in contrast to the fruit focus of the Alpha Vape line. So, if you are more into the creamy and sweet textures of desserts, you should pick up Omega Vape first. If you enjoy stronger fruit textures in your vaping experience, you should look into the Alpha Vape line first.

Marina Vapes also owns Nick's Blissful Brews, a set that includes Lush, Smoked Custard Plus, Swag, Fro Yo, Smoked Custard, Loop Ninja, and Apple Cider. 

Premium Flavors to Choose From

Some of their other sets Marina Vapes has produced include the premium fruit and cream blends in Crème de la Crème, JazzyER by OGNL Boba E-Liquid, the specialty flavors in Cloud Stout, the comfort food blends in Versus Vape, the frozen dessert treats in Wapari Drops , the fruit and cereal mixtures in Stratus, and Donuts by Donuts E-Liquid.

Some of their stand alone e-juices include the oatmeal cookie cream pie flavor called Boyd's Bounty, the citrus energy drink Vapester E-Juice, the milk and oriental tea inspired That Thai Tea Tho, the sugary sweets combos found in Treats E-Juice, the fluffy marshmallow taste in Marshmallow Man, the golden honey cookie of Honey Bear, and the strawberry and cream flavor of Milkshake Man.

Marina Vape

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  • DeweyER by OGNL Boba E-Liquid

    OGNL Boba E-Liquid strives to be the very best in the vaping industry. The company's mission is to create premium vapors that are exciting and are exceptional enough to be used all day long. all of OGNL Boba E-Liquid's vapors are carefully crafted, mixed, bottled, wrapped and labeled in Boba's state-of-the-art ISO facilities.

    Regular Price: $22.99

    Special Price $6.99

  • JazzyER by OGNL Boba E-Liquid

    Take a trip to your local tea house without leaving the comfort of your home. That's what the JazzyER by OGNL Boba E-Liquid promises, and it certainly delivers. It comes with undertones of creamy milk tea and jasmine spice that you might find in a cup of supremely crafted tea. This is a unique flavoring that you're sure to enjoy all on its own.

    Regular Price: $22.99

    Special Price $6.99

  • MangoER by OGNL Boba E-Liquid

    MangoER by Jazzy Boba E-Liquid hails from the Vape Summit Award Winning lineup for the Best Floral vape. It's a bestseller that includes the flavors of milk tea and mango. You'll love this exciting flavor and it's very similar to JazzyER, but instead of jasmine, it has mango added. This flavor is rich and authentic, and you won't find any stale undertones in this mix.

    Regular Price: $22.99

    Special Price $6.99

  • Rice Krispy by Treats E-Liquid

    Everyone loves the yummy taste of delicious marshmallows and succulent Rice Krispies cereal mixed together with buttery flavors. That is why the new Rice Krispy treats flavor by Treats E-Liquid is such a fun blast from the past. The mixers at Treats E-Liquids start with the delicious Rice Krispies cereal flavor that everyone knows and loves. They then add the gooey marshmallow flavor that is the signature of the Rice Krispies treat flavor.

  • Pebbles Donut by Donuts E-Liquid

    Pebbles E-Juice is the premium nicotine flavor, and you're sure to love how it goes so well with any dessert you might want to imbibe.

  • Blueberry Donuts by Donuts E-Liquid

    Have you ever wondered what it's like to vape a blueberry donut? Donuts is an eliquid manufacturer who specializes in making juice out of these delightful pastries, and we've got to say - they're pretty darn good at it. They make a wide variety of donut-themed flavors, such as Pebbles and Donut and standard Donut. However, today we're looking at this manufacturer's Blueberry Donuts blend.

  • Donuts by Donuts E-Liquid

    Are you ready for the amazing taste of fresh baked do-nutty goodness, straight out of the oven, funneled straight into your vape E-juice? If so, then yes, you are going straight for the taste of Donuts by Donuts E-Liquid. This vape flavor comes from the tasty, sugary, aroma-filled kitchen of Donuts E-Liquid, and this is a bakery that knows from its vape juice. 

  • Marshmallow Man by Marshmallow Man E-Liquid

    Is there anything quite as delicious as the chewy, gooey taste of marshmallow candy? The sweet, fluffy chewiness of marshmallows in their adorable little pillow shape is an endearing and delicious taste sensation, which is why it's no surprise that now there's now an E-liquid created with the authentic taste of these scrumptious little candies themselves. 

    Regular Price: $22.99

    Special Price $2.99

  • Honey Bear by Honey Bear E-Liquid

    Think summer. Think graham crackers. Think honey. Now think Honey Bear! This vape flavor was crafted by one of the premier e-liquid producers, Marina Vape. Made by vapers for other vapers, these flavors are designed to be enjoyed all day. Honey Bear is blended in such a way that you get all the benefits of something sweet. But, as you can see on the label, this Honey Bear packs a punch.

    Regular Price: $22.99

    Special Price $5.99