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The Marquee Vaporizer is a portable pen-style vaporizer. This is an essential oil vaporizer that has a refillable chamber. The heating chamber holds 1.6 milliliters of essential oil or e-liquid. The battery is rechargeable and the wattage is variable. The wattage of the MAH Li-Ion battery is adjustable in half watt increments. An LCD display on the vaporizer will count draws from the unit and also display the battery's level of charge.


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The Marquee Vaporizer is around 7 inches long and a half inch wide. It can be carried easily in a pants pocket or jacket pocket. The pen itself is sleek looking and comes in black, silver or pearl. It features a clear oil chamber. The unit comes with a Lithium Ion battery, a USB battery charger and a user manual. It uses a direct inhalation method. This vaporizer has an inexpensive price and is perfect for beginners to vaping.

Adjusting the wattage will change the vaping experience. Using a higher wattage will create more heat, which will create a thicker vapor. The wattage can be adjusted based on the type of oil or e-liquid you are using or just adjusted for personal preference. The LCD display will help you calculate how many draws you are getting from a fully charged battery. The large chamber will hold enough oil for a full day's use by a moderate user.

To use the Marquee Vaporizer, make sure the battery is fully charged. Then take the top off of the heating element chamber. Carefully fill it with oil or liquid. There are measuring marks on the sides of the clear chamber to help you fill it precisely. Place the top back on the unit, and press the power button for 5 seconds. The vaporizer should be heated up and ready to use within a minute. The wattage can be adjusted up or down with buttons next to the LCD screen.

This unit is very portable because of its size. The USB charger cable comes wound inside its own small handy carrier for easy portability. The unit and charger will fit easily into a pocket, bag or purse. The vaporizer is well-made and durable. It is made of stainless steel, acrylic and ceramic nichrome. Using the vaporizer is intuitive, but it does come with instructions. It is known for being a reliable choice of portable vaporizer. This unit comes with a 180-day warranty offered by the manufacturer.

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    Great pen

    Great pen love it! Had it for over 3yrs now and it works like I got it yesterday

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