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Marshmallow Man E-Liquid

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Marshmallow Man E-Juice

Gather around the campfire, because the Marshmallow Man is here. This eliquid is from the makers of Donuts Eliquid, and if you've ever tried one of their flavors, you know exactly how amazing they are already. Marshmallow Man brings with it the same undeniable level of quality and flavor accuracy that you've come to know and love from this manufacturer. 

Flavor Profile Overview: Marshmallow Man Eliquid

The Marshmallow Man is a simple guy: he doesn't try to be something he's not. With this eliquid, you're going to be getting exactly what you expect - and maybe a sweet little surprise too. This marshmallow flavored eliquid reaches the same level of authenticity as Donuts' other eliquids - which, as you might suspect, primarily focus on ultra-realistic donut flavors - so with this in mind, you can expect to get a totally accurate marshmallow experience.

First off, you're going to be greeted by the sweet, sugary flavor of marshmallows. The sweetness isn't overdone however, since this is a flavor that aims to be as true to life as possible. This is a huge plus if you've tried other marshmallow flavors and found that they're more or less just going with the taste of sugar. As you know, that's not all a marshmallow is, and that's why Donuts didn't overdo it here.

Just a quick side note: speaking of imitators, there's been a pretty vast number of other eliquid companies which have tried to do a marshmallow flavor and fallen short - Donuts' spin on this distinct taste is "the original," and it'll likely remain most vapers go-to marshmallow flavor thanks to its authenticity.

A Blast of Marshmallow E-Liquid Flavor

After you experience that first blast of marshmallow-y sweetness, you'll be able to detect the other subtle hints of flavoring that make this eliquid so good. There's an element of creaminess which you simply can't miss. Without this, this offering from Donuts wouldn't be anywhere near as stunningly good.

Vaping Experience: Clouds and More

Marshmallow Man has a 70/30 VG to PG ratio. While pure VG blends are expected to help you chuck the biggest clouds, this blend from Donuts produces a lot of vapor - and doesn't that seem totally appropriate, given the flavor? You'll be tasting the super accurate and delicious flavor of marshmallows, and blowing out clouds that look like great big marshmallows too. This is part of what makes this eliquid not only really delicious, but also quite a lot of fun to vape.

Final Thoughts

Marshmallow Man is an accurate representation of a much loved flavor. It doesn't try to do anything fancy - it simply gives you the best marshmallow flavor experience on the market. If you want a sweet and creamy vape to enjoy at any time, you'll be pleased to know that this eliquid is available in a big 30 milliliter bottle. It's also available in an array of nicotine strengths, including 0, 3, and 6 milligrams. The next time you want to experience a truly accurate and tasty flavor, give the Marshmallow Man a call.