Matrix Sub Ohm Tank Coils 5 pk by High Voltage


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The Matrix Sub Ohm Tank Coils 5 pk by High Voltage are made by High Voltage, a brand that distributes premium personal aromatherapy devices, also known as vaporizers, atomizers, and clearomizers. These replacement coil heads take advantage of dual vertical coils to generate thick vapor that is full of rich flavor.


Product Description

The dual coils can handle up to 100W of power, which boosts the vaping potential even further. The coil head has large areas of access to the internal wicks, making it easy to prime the units before installation. The advanced heating element is made of Kanthal and provides smooth, consistent heating and even draws. These coils are available in 0.2 and 0.6 ohm varieties.

Not only does the functionality of these coils demand respect, but their design is cleverly unique as well. The contact for the coils is rectangular shaped, as opposed to the standard rounded shape seen in most coils. These coils are only made with the most premium materials, including high-grade stainless steel and organic Japanese cotton for the wicking material. Since these coils are designed for sub-ohm vaping, they are guaranteed to provide enormous clouds filled with warm, delicious flavor. This pack of coils includes 5 replacement coil units, each sealed in foil and plastic until you need them.

Changing these coil heads is fast and easy. First, remove the battery base from the tank. This will allow access to the bottom cap of the tank, which must be removed to replace the coil head. Be sure to hold the tank upside down to prevent leaking any excess e-liquid left in the tank, and once the bottom cap is removed, the old coil is revealed. Unscrew the old coil and replace it with the new coil. Refill the glass tank, being careful not to overfill, and replace the bottom cap. Reattach the battery, but allow the device to rest for several minutes before you resume usage. This will allow the wicks to absorb as much of the e-liquid as possible, which will prevent charring of the wicks.

Moderate knowledge of electronic vaporizers is required to properly maintain and repair these units. It is presumed that only advanced users of these devices will attempt to replace their own coils, but the method can be learned with repetition and instruction. Be sure to consult the User Manual for a description of the process of installing a new coil head.

Key Features of the Matrix Sub Ohm Tank Coils 5 pk by High Voltage:

  • Dual Vertical Coils
  • Advanced Kanthal Wire
  • Organic Japanese Cotton Wicks
  • Available in 0.2 or 0.6 Ohm Varieties
  • Not Compatible with Other High Voltage Tanks
  • Rectangular Contact for E-Liquid

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