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Mechanical Mods

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Mechanical Mods

What is a Box Mod Vape?

If you’ve ever been envious of a fellow vapers massive clouds or skilled vape tricks, chances are they were using a Mechanical Mod. Also referred to as a “Mech Mod” this type of vaporizer device is a favorite among vapers as they are reliable, durable and deliver an intense vaping experience. For those who aren’t familiar with Mechanical Mods is can seem like an entirely new world so let’s start with the break down of what a Mechanical Mod is.


A Mechanical Mod or “Mech Mod” is an unregulated device, meaning it is without any circuit board and run directly off a battery. Since there is no circuitry, the vaporizer batteries provide continuous power and after a while of use the vapor production will reduce near the end of their lifespan.


This also means no matter how low the resistance of the coil is, a Mechanical Mod like the Paratus G2 Mechanical Mod and the Akuma Mechanical Mod by GP Custom, will keep firing while its regulated counterparts would either shut off completely or give an error. In simple terms, it is a vape device that delivers pure battery power to the atomizer. This quality of vaping is ideal for a cloud chaser and a vaper who enjoys great flavor.

The Structure of a Mechanical Mod

Mechanical Mods have a more basic structure than the standard vape device. A Mechanical Mod contains a handful of parts.



The housing; or the portion that contains all the parts, comes in a variety of forms. These housing come in anything from a tub form, cylindrical or box-shaped which is where “Mechanical Box Mod” derives from.



The battery is what provides the power to the mod. Mechanical Mods can contain one or several batteries depending on the design of mod. Based on your vaping needs, the quantity and specific type of battery in your mod will vary.



The atomizer in the vape pen is where your e-liquids will be heated up resulting in inhalable vapor. The most popular choice for those that use Mechanical Mods tend to be the RDA’s or Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers. With this type, you are able to drip e-liquids right onto the coil for optimal performance.

How Mechanicals Work

How Mechanical Mods Work

Mechanical Mods use a simple process to produce vapor. They are extremely minimal in functionality; the battery contacts with both the top and bottom caps of the mod, and when activated current flows into the heating coil. There are no circuit boards or advanced technical aspects – just a simple circuit powered by a battery source.

Is a Mechanical Mod Right for Me?

Typically, Mechanical Mods might not be the best place to start if you are brand new to vaping. Even though simple in design, Mechanical Mods are said to be best for more advanced vapers. They are especially preferred by individuals who want a customizable vaping experience. Also, Mechanical Mods like the Dooms Day Mechanical Mod, are for the people who are interested in blowing ridiculously massive clouds or going beyond the power of the average vaporizer device; Mechanical Mods are the best man for the job.

Purchasing a Mechanical Mod

What You should know Before buying a Mechanical Mod

One of the most important things to keep an eye out for before buying a Mechanical Mod are the clones and knockoffs. Since some Mechanical Mods are so simple in construction, they can be cloned or made as knockoffs to be sold.

Both are completely dangerous as there is no true definition of what exactly they are constructed with. Clones and knockoffs are typically less inexpensive in price but be warned, these are the mods you want to stay away from. A good tip to consider is always buying your device from a reputable source and inspect it immediately to make sure you received the exact device you paid for.

Choose Your Oil Cartridge Vape Pens

If used correctly, Mechanical Mods are perfectly safe. However, because there is no onboard system is it better to air on the safe side and just these devices with caution. Ultimately it is up to you to make sure everything is working correctly.

When using a Mechanical Mod make sure to use the right batteries for our device. It is best to keep them charged up but do make sure not to overcharge. You can do this by checking the voltage level with a multimeter, charging up to 4.2V then recharging once it drops down to 3.3V.

Another thing you can do to make sure your device is performing right is perform frequent checks for any short circuits. You will also want to ensure the atomizer you choose to pair with your mod is compatible as you want to make sure you have allowed for good airflow and pressure can be sufficiently released. You can also prevent misfires by storing your Mechanical Mod properly, especially when it does not employ a locking firing mechanism.

A Mechanical Mod is a simple yet advanced way of vaping. Delivering raw battery power to the atomizer without any electronic regulations or safeguards, this gives the user massive clouds and flavor but less protections. Catered to knowledgeable hobbyist, Mechanical Mods allows for a wider range of customization depending on the batteries used, the build of the atomizer and the construction of the Mechanical Mod itself.

Ensuring powerful, great tasting inhales, Mechanical Mods are an investment, ranging about $110 upwards to $200 dollars. Although higher in price they do offer a durable design, easy to use operation and resilient frame.

If you are unsure on where to start, Got Vape is the perfect place. With everything you need for sensational sessions, Got Vape carries all from Mechanical Mods, atomizers, batteries and much more we are sure to have you covered.

We even have a live Customer Service Department here to help! Available Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm they offer knowledgeable guidance to assist you with needs. Give us a call at (888) 827-3101.

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