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If you are ready to achieve the sensation of the greatest taste yet in an E-Liquid, my man, let me tell you how it is. In fact, you are ready for the indescribably delicious taste sensation that is Midnight Munchies by Cheech and Chong E-Liquid. One taste of this incredible vape sensation will have you shouting, “Baby, what took you so long!"


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There are scarcely words to describe the coolness that goes into the production of this incredible vape sensation, but my man, describe it we will. This fabulously tasty E-Liquid comes from the laboratory of two of the greatest comedy and entertainment minds ever to walk the planet. Cheech and Chong have a long and illustrious history as a breakthrough comedy team that made the world safe for cool people, and now this team is bringing their particular brand of breakthrough genius to the world of vaping.

Papers and comedy lovers can all agree that having a great smoking experience may well bring on a certain type of craving that goes by the name of “Midnight Munchies.” The munchies are a very delicious reality for dedicated smokers, and that’s why the mixing geniuses behind Cheech and Chong E-Liquid have brought on the incredible taste sensation of “Midnight Munchies."

Imagine waking up from a long nap that took you to a dream state, to a kind of parallel universe of reality that’s all about feeling, relaxed, cool, sated, awesome, and very hungry for a particularly great kind of savory yet sweet taste.

What is this craving that won’t go away? It’s the kind of craving that only the most scrumptious E-liquid can satisfy, which is why the taste testing team at Cheech and Chong headquarters came up with “Midnight Munchies.” This irresistible E-Liquid has the incredibly lip-smacking taste of Madadamian nut cookies, drizzled with a shiny white layer of white chocolate frosting all along the top.

Is it delicious? Yes! Is it incredible? Yes again! Is it the bomb? Are you kidding? Yes, of course, in fact it is! And it’s all available (at zero calories) to you when you order “Midnight Munchies” E-Liquid from Cheech and Chong, in the 30ml size! This E-Liquid flavor is an awesome deal of the first order, and every time you order, we will all be that much closer to achieving World Piece via high quality vaping. So why wait? The parallel universe awaits you, so order up today!

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    Its the worst ive ever had

    It actually hurts me to vape it like why would you even make this

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