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Few things are more unsatisfactory than a hot, dry vape that is uncomfortable on the mouth. Thankfully, the Mighty Vaporizer Cooling Unit solves this problem with innovative venting and a mouthpiece made from heat resistant plastics that work together to cool vapor from the Mighty Vaporizer before you inhale. This is just one example of the innovation that defines Storz & Bickel as an iconic brand which designs some of the most popular vaporizers on the market.


Product Description

The Mighty Vaporizer Cooling Unit is designed to sit flush on top of the Mighty Vaporizer. Using grooves that function in the manner of vents for airflow, the cooling unit reduces the temperature of the vapor so that flavor and aroma are not only preserved but enhanced. As a vaporizer for dry herbs, essential oils, and concentrates, the Mighty relies on a proprietary method of heating that generates temperatures up to and exceeding 375F. This temperature level is required to create an effective vaporization of plant material. As a result, the vapor produced can be uncomfortably hot when it is inhaled unless some type of cooling method is used. This part disperses heat via its unique, grooved design to deliver vapor that is satisfyingly rich and smooth. Replacing the cooling unit is easy and only requires pushing the new cooling unit into place on the vaporizer.

It is necessary from time to time to obtain Mighty Vaporizer replacement parts. Mighty Vaporizers are known for their durability and are backed by a 3-year warranty, but some parts are subject to normal wear and tear and must be checked regularly to determine if a replacement is necessary. Other replacement parts for the Mighty Vaporizer include the Mighty Vaporizer Mouthpiece Set. This set includes four mouthpieces that attach directly to the cooling unit. The mouthpieces are made from odor-free materials and help to deliver vapor that is pristine and robust in flavor. The package of four is a convenient and economical way to keep extra mouthpieces on hand. Depending on how often you vape, mouthpieces can require replacement every couple of months.

All parts such as the Mighty Vaporizer Cooling Unit, Mighty Vaporizer Mouthpiece Set, and Mighty Vaporizer Replacement Screen Set are OEM. This means that they are produced in the same facilities as original parts for the Mighty and subjected to the same quality standards. Each part was specifically manufactured to work with products designed by this trusted brand.

In 1996, Markus Storz began the work that would culminate in the creation of one of the vaping industry's most recognized companies. That was the year that Storz filed a patent for the removable balloon that is an integral part of the Volcano Vaporizer. Later, Storz invented a method of hot air convection specifically for use in vaporizers and partnered with Jürgen Bickel to create the company as it exists today. After major success with the Volcano, the two men listened to feedback from their customers and began working on portable vaporizers that took the power of the Volcano and put it in a compact device. The Mighty Vaporizer was born, and with it the Crafty Vaporizer, two portable units that possess the fine German precision the company is known for.

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