Mighty Vaporizer Mouthpiece Set


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The Mighty Vaporizer Mouthpiece Set has four replacement mouthpieces for this sleek model of portable vaporizer perfection. Made from high-quality, heat resistant plastics, these mouthpieces help to deliver rich flavor and smooth vapor that make every vaping session with the Mighty Vaporizer a pleasant one. They are engineered specifically for use with the Mighty by the same professionals that design and manufacture the original parts which ship with the vaporizer.


Product Description

Aside from the heating element in a vaporizer, the mouthpiece has perhaps the most influence on overall quality and performance. A mouthpiece that has become subject to normal wear and tear can cause a poor inhale and an unpleasant taste. Mouthpieces can also become clogged with debris that is hard to remove with normal cleaning. Thankfully, this set is an economic way to purchase mouthpieces for your Mighty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel. They are easy to attach. Simply remove the old mouthpiece from the cooling unit with an easy twist, attach the new mouthpiece, and vape away. As an integral part of the cooling unit for the Mighty Vaporizer, the mouthpiece assists in cooling the vapor produced from dry herbs and concentrates as it moves from the heating chamber to your mouth. You should replace the mouthpiece periodically for a consistent, smooth vape.

This set is just one example of Mighty Vaporizer replacement parts. Mighty Vaporizers are backed by the brand's 3-year guarantee, but some parts do require replacement from time to time in order to keep your device in compliance with the warranty requirements. Other replacement parts available include the Mighty Vaporizer Cooling Unit Set. This set includes three cooling units with attached mouthpieces and is an affordable and convenient way to maintain your vaporizer. There is also the Mighty Vaporizer Replacement Screen Set. These screens are made from a fine mesh weave that permits perfect airflow while preventing clogs. 

The Mighty Vaporizer was designed as a portable alternative to the iconic Volcano Vaporizer. Like the Volcano, the Mighty relies on hot air convection for perfect heat distribution and vaporization of dry herbs, oils, and concentrates. It is just 5.5" X 3.2" X 1.2" and weighs just 0.5 pounds, yet it delivers the same precision and power than owners of the Volcano have become used to. The temperature control is precise and accurate, and this unit delivers large amounts of vapor from a small amount of plant material. 

The quality this German brand is recognized for around the world can be traced to 1996 when inventor Markus Storz patented the removable balloon that is still used with the Volcano Vaporizer today. Storz then went on to invent the heat exchanger that is used in all models manufactured by the company. The heat exchanger enables convection heat which is a more efficient and effective way to create vapor. The heat is distributed over a large surface area and warms evenly, preventing the burned or bitter taste that can ruin a vape. In 2002, Storz partnered with a long-time customer, Jürgen Bickel, to create the present company. Still based in Germany, the brand now has facilities in Oakland, California to serve their expanding customer base. All parts and vaporizers manufactured by the company are compliant with the industry-standard certifications for quality. 

While you are shopping GotVape.com for a Mighty Vaporizer Mouthpiece Set, don't forget to check out the Volcano Classic Vaporizer or Volcano Digital Vaporizer if you want to explore a desktop unit. If you have any questions about any of these products, feel free to reach out to us via live chat or email so that we can assist you. 

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