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Vaporizers are the new marvels of modern technology. Millions of people have now chosen to use vaporizers as an alternative to cigarettes. Vaporizers and electronic cigarettes allow former smokers to still be able to enjoy their nicotine intake but without the terrible smell, bad breath, and public disdain of cigarettes.


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Vaporizers come with delicious flavored liquid which is put into a vaporizes tank and then heated. Each taste is unique and can match its users different palette. There are flavors from traditional tobacco to sweet desserts.

Cosmic Fog Vapors was created with an exact mission. The mission was to craft the highest quality e-liquids to give its users a new and exciting experience with every puff. There is a large amount of time spent making sure that each e-liquid is thoroughly tested and unique. With Cosmic Fog Vapors experience in the culinary world, each flavor takes about seven months to perfect and is thoroughly tested by its crafters. After a flavor is developed, the crafter will use the vapor for weeks ensuring that they get the same flavor and experience each time. Cosmic Fog Vapors will not put out a flavor if they do not think it is good enough for their customers. 

With so many different flavors to choose from, it can get a bit overwhelming. However, a favorite among users has been the Cosmic Fog Premium Milk and Honey. Imagine closing your eyes and tasting the creamy flavor of milk on your tongue. Now imagine combining that creaminess with a taste of sweetness from the honey. Parents typically give children a cup of warm milk and honey before bed in order for them to fall asleep. Now imagine as an adult, getting those flavors all over again which brings back that feeling of "the good ole days." No cares, no stress, and no worries; just some warm milk and honey. With every puff, users will get that same sense of calm and relaxation. Each puff is very smooth and pleasant and tastes like you are having dessert all day long. Who wouldn't want dessert all day? 

Cosmic Fog offers a 15 milliliter size bottle or a 30 milliliter size bottle of milk and honey. A 15 ml bottle will only cost $11.95 and the 30 ml bottle costs $21.95. The user can choose what level of nicotine they would like, which helps to make the experience different for each individual.

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