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Simplicity and the appreciation for life's pleasures which are so valued in the South of France are what inspire Milk Berry by Alfaliquid. Its elegant, smooth blend of strawberries and fresh milk might seem like a basic combination, but this e-liquid renders them in such an authentic way that you cannot escape how fresh this e-liquid tastes and smells. It has a gentle inhale that makes you want to pause and take time out to enjoy your vape.


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Strawberries with a dash of milk have been a delicacy in France, the home of Alfaliquid, for many years. The taste is both iconic and uncluttered by busy intrusions of other flavors. You will be able to savor the tart and juicy flavor notes of the fruit as they are layered with the profile of sweet milk. The resultant blend is something that produces a blissful inhale without being overpowering. Some fruit-based e-liquids taste sublime on that first pull, but as the exhale tapers away they can become somewhat bitter. This is not a problem with this e-liquid. It tastes great on both the inhale and exhale, and it can be vaped extensively without becoming tired or diminished in its sparkling presentation. 

Milk Berry by Alfaliquid is part of the brand's Harvest Collection, a group of e-liquids that are prized for their duplication of simple flavors that are highly popular in the South of France. Here, life moves on a more laid-back cycle than it does in the busy cities. People appreciate the moments of life that call for an appreciation of fine pleasures like ripe strawberries, crisp apples, sweet Bartlett pears, and the cool air of the countryside. All of these influences were brought to bear when designing these premium e-juices.

Other flavors in the Harvest Collection include Bartlett Apple by Alfaliquid, a delightfully sweet e-liquid that finds just the right mix between tart, fresh apples and sweet, ripened pears. Each individual flavor is distinct and does not overwhelm the other, and the taste is as real as a glass of fresh juice. Tropical by Alfaliquid has all of the flavors that you would expect in a delicious basket of fruit. There are hints of guava, grapes, apples, pears, and just a touch of chamomile. This e-liquid is reminiscent of the wonderful wines that France is known for.

Alfaliquid was founded in 2008 as an imprint of Gaiatrend, a family-owned enterprise that currently holds the top spot among e-liquid brands in Europe with more than a 50% market share. Now, the brand operated by the Martzel family is bringing the superior quality of European e-juices to North America. Based in the Lorraine region of France, these e-liquids are produced in facilities which set standards for cleanliness and proficiency. The brand uses only the purest compounds and raw ingredients to create their e-liquids, and they are compliant with all of the current industry standard certifications for safety and quality.

Overseeing the production of these designer e-juices is Xavier Martzel, a trained "vapologist" with credentials that are comparable to those of a trained chef. Xavier holds an advanced degree as a flavor artist and oversees the creation of each flavor. E-juices from Alfaliquid are packaged in a 30 ml bottle and available in nicotine consistencies of 0, 3, 6, 11, and 16 mg.

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