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Milk N Jelly E-Liquid

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Milk N Jelly E-Liquid from Vaping Birdy is a premium vapor that will leave you wanting more. The blend is a fun, carefree flavor that will be an enjoyable blast from the past. Think back to those relaxing yet thrilling childhood days of eating a yummy dessert that your mom just prepared. Milk N Jelly is a delicious and fun flavor designed to turn any day or night into a cool party. Whether you want to chill out after a long day or ramp things up for serious fun, Milk N Jelly by Vaping Birdy is the great tasting vapor you need.

The mixers at Vaping Birdy use only the finest ingredients to create this fun and delicious blend. They start with the sweet flavor of succulent Florida oranges. Then they top it off with the creamy taste of pure evaporated milk. Together these two flavors make a great tasting blend. The flavors stay creamy on both the front end and the back end of the vape. The flavor is light, so you can use it all day long, and it will not get too heavy. Vaping Birdy prides itself in creating exceptional all day vapes. Milk N Jelly stays original and exciting without tiring yhe tongue. Users of this yummy dessert vapor will crave more and more.

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Vaping Birdy takes great care in crafting each new blend. Each blend takes months to create and is thoroughly tested to ensure the flavors stay original and do not get too heavy. All of the e-liquid is carefully mixed and filtered, so it is completely clean when it reaches the customer. Vaping Birdy carefully mixes, bottles, labels and wraps each bottle of Milk N Jelly. Look for other great vapors from Vaping Birdy: Bald Eagle, Bananaquit, Creme a la Vanille, Emperor Penguin, Fischer's Lovebird, Green Parakeet, Lost Penguin, Snowy Owl, T-Bac and Tropical Toucan. Each flavor is original and sure to titillate your tongue.

Milk N Jelly is available in varying strengths and sizes. It is mixed in a high vegetable glycerin base, so the clouds come out soft and silky. You will find Milk N Jelly to be a superior quality vapor, like all of Vaping Birdy's blends. The combination of sweet Florida oranges topped with creamy evaporated milk is an irresistible dessert blend that you will want to use all day long. Try Milk N Jelly today, and your taste buds will rejoice in your decision. Vaping Birdy makes only the best. See for yourself, and become another satisfied customer.