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If you're looking for the perfect milky strawberry flavor in an e-juice, look no further. The experts who created the Vaping Rabbit premium e-juice line took their craft one step further to create their Milkman e-liquid line. The introduction to their new e-liquid is Milkman by The Milkman E-Liquid, a warmly toasted fruit tart swirling with hints of vanilla bean ice cream and notes of freshly poured milk. Milkman by The Milkman E-Liquid is something you definitely want delivered to your doorstep daily!


Product Description

Milkman by The Milkman E-Liquid is presented in a 60ml bottle as well as an 60ml bottle for long-lasting enjoyment. The e-liquid bottle comes in in a stylish small milk carton styled container. This sets the brand apart from other creamy e-liquid companies. The milk carton container contains information about the flavors inside the bottle along with a small joke behind the carton. The bottle has a child-resistant cap and dripper for keeping away children and simple juice tank filling. It comes in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg of nicotine. Milkman by The Milkman E-Liquid is a MAX VG blend.

From just opening the bottle, you can smell a familiar strawberry fruit tart with hints of milky aromas flowing through the air. It's almost as if a you're floating through clouds filled with strawberries and rain suddenly showers you with creamy milk. Faint hints of vanilla surround the strawberry and milky aromas. Also, as a MAX VG blend, you'll experience lovely thick clouds of vapor along with a great flavorful experience.

Immediately upon the inhale, you'll receive lots of strawberry and pastry notes just like a fresh fruit tart popping right out of your toaster. The strawberry flavor is premium and not too sweet. Also, the strawberry flavor can be compared to an actual strawberry picked fresh from a harvest. On the exhale, you still get lots of strawberry, but this is when the notes of vanilla bean ice cream begins to flourish. The vanilla bean ice cream is exactly as if it you scooped a spoonful from a local ice cream shop. On the tail end of the draw, the milky blend swirls all together perfectly with all of the strawberry, pastry, and vanilla bean notes. On continuous draws, you'll notice that the vanilla bean notes fully flourish with the pastry flavor, blending together with the strawberry and sweet cream.

Milkman by The Milkman E-Liquid can easily be compared to Strawberry Milk by MOO E-Liquids. Those lovers of strawberry and creamy flavors will enjoy both equally. Strawberry Milk by MOO E-Liquids offers a similar strawberry milk blend, except Milkman by The Milkman E-Liquid has the added vanilla bean ice cream notes. The vanilla bean ice cream adds a new complexity to your typical strawberry milk e-liquids, making Milkman by The Milkman E-Liquid truly an enjoyable flavor for taking strawberry milk e-liquids to the next level. Another great comparison to Milkman by The Milkman E-Liquid is the Strawberry Shake by Wulf Brew E-Liquid. This strawberry milkshake flavor is also easily compared to the Strawberry Milk by MOO E-Liquids. Fortunately, the Milkman by the Milkman E-Liquid has the added pastry and vanilla bean notes that will leave you wanting more.

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