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Vape Mods

What is a Vape Mod?

Vape Mods are typically known as bigger vape pens that are more durable, yet more complicated than vape pens. Along with their complex form comes with a sleuth of functions that shall cater to any vaper looking for a more customized and personal vaping style that suits them. These features are for advanced users and thus should be treated as such and with great caution, but with the advancement of vape technology today, many of these Vape Mods are nearly safe and fool-proof. One can easily dial in their desired temperature or wattage and enjoy the best vaping experience. They are known as mods as they started as flashlights ‘modified’ for an alternate experience to cigarettes and became regulated devices with certain computing chips to prevent battery discharges and explosions.

Vaporizer Mod Types

There are 3 types of Vaporizer Mod types: Starter kits, Box Mods, and Mechanical Mods. Each will cater to a specific vaper and have different functions.

Mods Starter Kit

Vape Starter Kits

Starter Kits have everything you need to literally ‘start’ vaping a Vape Mod immediately. A Starter Kit includes a Vape Mod, a sub-ohm tank atomizer, a spare sub-ohm coil head, and a few accessories to go along with the atomizer and Vape Mod along with an instruction manual and warranty. The only thing not included in most Vape Mods are the battery (or batteries) for the device. This is because most manufacturers do not have the rights to manufacture batteries and thus cannot produce batteries along with their Starter Kits. Although this is the case with some Starter Kit Vape Mods, still some Starter Kits are charged by microUSB and will not need batteries at all. Along with these specific Starter Kits will include a microUSB with the device.

Box Mods

Box Mods

Box Mods are Vape Mods without an atomizer and any accessories for the atomizer, but still includes everything you need to start vaping aside for batteries. These Box Mods are made for those vapers with an atomizer in mind for the Box Mod with it or those looking to purchase both separately with advanced knowledge to both separate products. These Box Mods also do not include batteries for the same reason Starter Kits do not include batteries. They are typically for more advanced users but also include an instruction manual to use and begin vaping immediately along with the correct use of an atomizer. Essentially, they are no different from Starter Kits except only including the Box Mod itself.

Mechanical Mods

Mechanical Mods

A Mechanical Mod is an unregulated device without any circuit board and runs directly off a battery. Their wattage and temperature settings all come from the atomizer you attach it to and the battery voltage level, thus different coil resistances will yield in different types of vapes and is the only way to customize your vape with these mechanical mods. Mechanical Mods also have great designs and come in tube-shaped, easily making one the life of the party at events and can impress anyone with their aesthetic as they are lightweight without a chip and easy to fit in a pocket. Mech Mods are most known for their massive cloud production abilities and “drip” use of e-liquids. Although these benefits are huge, we advise extreme caution with these types of devices. They require immense knowledge of ohms law and coil building prior to use to prevent any battery accidents. THEY ARE NOT FOR BEGINNING LEVEL VAPERS.

Starter Kits VS Mods

Which Vape Mod Type Is Right For You?

It may be difficult to choose which type of Vape Mod may be right for you with these options. If you are new into vaping and looking for massive cloud production and flavor, Starter Kits are the way to go. They include everything you need to start vaping immediately. If you have an atomizer already, whether it be from a Starter Kit or a separately sold atomizer from GotVape, a Box Mod that matches your atomizer will be a perfect product for you, even with a little knowledge of atomizers and batteries. If you are an advanced vaper looking for the best clouds and flavor possible, Mechanical Mods are your final step to achieve this. We highly recommend you study Ohm’s Law and learn battery knowledge prior to purchasing one of these if this is your first Mechanical Mod.

Vape Mods vs Vape Pens

Vape Mods and Vape Pens are drastically different from each other. Vape Pens are usually for the on-the-go vaper looking for their nicotine fix while at work or on their commute or even at outside of a bar. They can easily fit in any pocket and are incredibly lightweight. Vape Mods are for those looking for customization with their own vaping style to bring about immense flavor and clouds beyond belief. They are usually used at home, but can be used anywhere smoking is allowed as well. Vape Mods are not as pocket-friendly as they are quite heavy and have a variety of shaped that will not fit well in any pocket, but can still be placed safely in a backpack or purse. Those that want long-lasting vaporizer battery life and a durable device that will last will want a Vape Mod.

Mods VS Vape Pens
Breakdown of a Vape Mod

Breakdown of a Vape Mod

Starter Kit and Box Mod Vape Mods contain a chip that regulate battery use to prevent discharge and explosion while also providing wattage and temperature control, ohm resistance information, battery information, and a locking feature that prevents misfiring and child usage. They have a door for where a battery is contained, safely locking it inside to prevent it for falling out. They also have buttons to fire a device while also changing the wattage, temperature, or adjusting the menu screen. Different devices also come with a variety of other features such as firmware upgrades to improve user functions like the ProColor 225w Temperature Control Starter Kit by SMOK or Smart Variable Wattage features that automatically suggests the ideal wattage for your atomizer like the Tator Nano Starter Kit by Vaporesso. Vape Mods that do not use batteries will include a microUSB port for charging and/or firmware upgrades, but Vape Mods that do use batteries will often contain a microUSB port for charging and firmware upgrades as well.

Purchasing the Right Mod Vaporizer

There are tons of Vape Mods on GotVape and we want you to choose the best ones for you and your style of vaping. They all depend on your level of vaping knowledge, what you want to accomplish in vaping, your budget, warranty, and battery life.

Level of Vaper

What Level of Vaper are You?

Those looking for a more customizable vaping experience will enjoy all types of Vape Mods, yet if you are moving from vape pens or are just getting started in vaping, Starter Kits are the easiest way to begin your cloud-chasing or flavor-chasing experience. They include everything you need to start your journey into the world of Vape Mods. More experienced vapers and coil builders will love Box Mods as they come with the same experience from Starter Kits, but they can modify their atomizer to anything they wish. With this experience, they must be knowledgeable about atomizers and ohm resistance as well as being wary of their e-liquid usage. Vapers with complete knowledge of Ohm’s Law and battery safety will enjoy Mechanical Mods to their fullest capacity as well as the variety of complexity it brings to vaping. They are for the most advanced users and absolutely require this essential information before using a Mechanical Mod device.

Vape Mod's Temperature Control or Wattage Abilities

What are you trying to accomplish?

For those looking for easy temperature control or wattage abilities, Starter Kits are the way to go. They provide moderate clouds for any vaper and will last a long time without any need to purchase an atomizer along with it. For those looking for a variety of options and battery life along with moderate durability or customizable menu features, Box Mods contain all of these and often more. They cater to those with fair knowledge of atomizers and often own a few atomizers to go along with their Box Mods. If you’re looking for clouds along with a regulated battery features like Starter Kits. Be sure to check out their features prior to purchasing for the best regulated vaping experience possible. Those who want the best cloud production and flavor possible will want a Mechanical Mod. They are durable devices that can withstand many falls, yet yields dense vapor based on your battery life and coil resistance. Along with this, we recommend learning Ohm’s Laws and battery information pertaining to your device. Essentially, Starter Kits and Box Mods yield easy vaping and Mechanical Mods offer much more with more risk.


Starter Kits are the best option for any budget without an atomizer prior to purchase. They include everything to get a vaper started and last a couple weeks to even a month of use before purchasing another sub-ohm coil head. Box Mods are for those who already own an atomizer and they are the cheapest to purchase as they do not contain an atomizer included like Starter Kits. Mechanical Mods often sometimes include an atomizer, but their price varies from device to device based on the quality of material used. Authentic Mechanical Mods will be much higher than most as their materials will be of higher grade than Box Mods and Starter Kits. Overall, you get what you pay for and GotVape features the best prices for the quality of your product. Your level of vape knowledge will greatly determine how much you spend for a Vape Mod as they are largely dependent on what you know.

Vape Mod Warranty?

All Vape Mods come with a warranty, but be sure to check our descriptions if a warranty is included as all warranties differ based on the company and the length of it. Mechanical Mods often have the longest warranties, but are also the most durable out of the three different types, too.

Vape Mod Battery Life?

Starter Kits and Box Mods share similar battery life depending on how much you vape and the coil resistance on your atomizer. Mechanical Mods also share a similar battery life, but do not contain battery life information as they are unregulated devices. If you want to keep track of your battery life, grab an S-PRIV 225w Temperature Control Box Mod Kit with TFV8 Big Baby to see how much battery life you use with the device. If you are more experienced and can feel your flavor and clouds dropping, Mechanical Mods are the way to go.

Other Tips:

Cleaning Vape Mods


Be sure the clean your device from e-liquid spills and accidental leaking, no matter what Vape Mod you choose to prevent fall damage. Also, some Mechanical Mods like the Akuma Mechanical Mod by GP Custom are made from copper and will be dirty over time. The easiest way to clean copper is to use ketchup and a towel, wiping it and restoring its shine just as if it was out of the box.

Transporting Vape Mods


Always keep any Vape Mod in a backpack or purse safely stored to prevent water damage from rain or fall damage from within pockets. Although most can be kept in a front or back pocket, most user accidents can be prevented by storing them in a bag or case as well as any spare batteries too.

Safety Vape Mods


Regardless of what type of device you choose to buy, be conscious of Ohm’s Law and battery safety. Staying within your battery limits is very important to prevent accidents, especially with Mechanical Mods. Also, keep your your wicks wet with e-liquid to prevent dry burning your cotton and getting a very burnt flavor. Store all batteries in a separate compartment and remember to use your Vape Mod’s lock feature to stop any misfiring or a child from using the device.