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  • Alien 220w Box Mod Kit by SMOK

    The Alien Box Mod Kit by SMOK combines the brand’s Alien Box Mod with a TFV8 Baby Beast Tank by SMOK to deliver unparalleled versatility and functionality. Never has a mod from this popular brand offered such detailed monitoring of settings. It sports a max output of 220W and two different modes to satisfy those who prefer enhanced flavor or vast vapor volume. It’s a sub ohm vaper’s dream.

  • Alien Box Mod 85 Watt Kit by SMOK

    The Alien Box Mod 85W Kit by SMOK harnesses all of the power and style of the original Alien into a compact, stealth package. This mini version is powered by a single 18650-style battery and delivers up to 85W of power for vapor volume and flavor that is out of this world. Its variable wattage and temperature control support let you dial up the perfect vape each time. If you are looking for a mod that travels easily and doesn't skimp on features, this little unit is a great choice.


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  • G320 Marshal 320w Kit by SMOK

    The G320 Marshal 320W Temperature Control Kit by SMOK combines the powerful G320 mod with a TFV8 Big Baby tank to provide an unparalleled vaping experience. This mod features a compact design, 320W of maximum output, a large OLED screen, and it is powered by two or three 18650 batteries at your discretion. Coupled with one of the most popular SMOKTech tanks, this powerful mod delivers massive vapor volume and flavor.


    Available colors:

  • Skyhook RDTA All In One Kit by SMOK

    The Skyhook RDTA All in One Kit by SMOK is a unique rig that features a rebuildable drip tank atomizer inside the chassis of the mod. The built-in tank has a massive 9ml e-juice capacity. This mod will vape at up to 220W and is powered by two 18650 batteries. Other impressive features include a 1” OLED screen, large side firing button, floating velocity posts, and advanced airflow that produces large clouds of vapor and intense flavor.


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  • iCare Solo Starter Kit by eLeaf
    iCare Solo Starter Kit by eLeaf

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  • Predator 228 with Elabo Box Mod Kit by Wismec

    The Predator 228 With Elabo Box Mod Kit by Wismec combines a powerful mod with one of Wismec's most popular tanks. The mod was designed by Sinuous Designs in the US exclusively for Wismec and fires at up to 228 watts of max power. When you add in the Elabo to the mix, what you have is a cloud producing savage.  


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  • GX350 Temperature Control Box Mod Kit by SMOK

    The GX350 Temperature Control Box  Mod Kit by SMOK is chock full of cloud chasing power. This mod has a very compact profile but the size is misleading. It will provide up to 350W of power thanks to four 18650 batteries. This is the top end of vaping power available today. The kit also comes with a TFV8 Cloud Beast tank, one of SMOK's finest. It's a complete kit that delivers insane vapor volume and flavor from your preferred e-liquids.

  • Stick V8 TFV8 Big Baby Beast Kit by SMOK

    The Stick V8 Big Baby Beast Kit by SMOK takes all of the performance and power you have come to expect from SMOKTech mods and packs it into a vape pen. Far more portable than a regular box mod, this device delivers the same huge clouds of vapor and rich favor that is a hallmark of the brand's Cloud Beast series of tanks. Now, you can get a legitimate sub ohm experience from a pen-style vaporizer.


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  • iCare Starter Kit by eLeaf

    The iCare Starter Kit by eLeaf provides all you need to experience one of the most compact and user-friendly vaporizers available today. Featuring an internal tank and airflow system, this portable vaporizer is perfect for those who want a strong draw and bold flavor without the bulkiness of a larger mod. When you add in an automatic on/off mechanism that is triggered by inhaling, this rig is ideal for those new to vaping.


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  • OSUB Plus 80w Box Mod Kit by SMOK

    The OSUB Plus 80W Box Mod Kit by SMOK enhances the performance of the original OSUB by adding in some new intuitive improvements such as advanced temperature control via the unit’s brighter OLED screen, a Brit Beast sub tank that is very comparable with the popular TFV8 from SMOK, and a built-in 3300 mAh battery that will power several long vaping sessions without needing a recharge.


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  • OSUB 40w Temperature Control Box Mod Kit by SMOK

    If you have been struggling to decide where to start with mods, the OSUB 40w Temperature Control Box Mod Kit by SMOK is a perfect choice. With simple operation and a ton of premium features, this kit from an industry-leading brand will not disappoint beginners and will pleasantly surprise experienced vapers.


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  • G-PRIV 220w Box Mod Kit by SMOK

    The G-PRIV 220W Temperature Control Box Mod Kit by SMOK merges supreme functionality and trendy appeal to deliver an intense vaping experience. This advanced mod is similar in design and performance to the H-PRIV but adds in an OLED touchscreen that makes precision adjustments quick and easy.


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If you're an avid vaping lover, there's a good chance you're constantly tweaking and adjusting your setup. You may regularly invest in brand new vaping products that can improve your experience significantly. People sometimes use vape pens and decide that they want to find devices that can give them even bigger clouds. These people naturally often turn to the world of vape mods. These are high-quality vaporizers that can be excellent for people who are interested in superb performance and increased battery life. If you want to take your vaping to the next level, looking at your choices in vapor mods may be the way to go. Fortunately for you, we stock an amazing selection of products here at GotVape. If you want to pick a mod that's 100 percent suitable for your vaping pastime, our choices definitely won't disappoint.

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