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ModWire Replacement Parts

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Selection of ModWire Replacement Parts

ModWire replacement parts are designed to put you in control of your vaping session. Rather than leaving it up to a automatically controlled device, you'll be able to get the perfect hit every time when you use ModWire products. ModWire is a special combination of materials that is designed to give you exceptional performance, good durability and outstanding efficiency. You'll be able to experience a wide range of formulations that give you the option to choose the gauge level you need for your application. You'll love the company's products and their individual style and method of doing business. If you have any questions about their products, they are always willing to give you some advice. This is a company that truly cares about vaping and will go out of their way to help their customers get exactly what they need. 

The company maintains a laid-back atmosphere, and they can be found online on their Instagram account posting their latest activities. They maintain an active role in the vaping community, and you'll be able to find thousands of posts on their various social media accounts, but the company doesn't have a traditional website. The company has a creative outlook on all things vaporizer-related, and you'll enjoy their sense of humor and dedication to the vaping cause. You'll regularly find them posting information about the latest products, political causes and legislation that's relevant to vapers around the world. The company also regularly posts practical posts of staff and professional vapers using their product line.

Modshine Cloths & Other Mod Wire Accessories

The company produces a range of products for the serious vaper. Modshine cloths are available to help keep your mods in pristine condition. The cloth material can clean, polish and protect any kind of metal, including silver, gold, steel, copper, brass and mixed alloys. The company also produces its own line of e-liquids, and you'll love the ModWick material that is made from 10 pieces of Japananese organic pressure washed cotton. 

Competition Mod Wire Accessories

When you need mod wire for your applications, it's important to get wire from reliable manufacturers that actually care about your safety. By trusting your mods to ModWire replacement parts, you're ensuring that you get high-quality parts that are designed to help you get more accomplished. When you need a product that's designed with competition-level quality, you can't go wrong with ModWire. 

Replacement parts are available to ensure you never run out of the materials you need to have an effective and enjoyable session. Pro Connection Wire comes in a bundle of 100 feet a thickness of 28g. The company also offers Pro Competition Wire and Cotton in a 10 foot reel. These ModWide replacement parts are designed to make it easier for you to construct your own custom mods. The company uses only premium-quality materials to ensure you're getting the equipment you need to enjoy a safe session. 

The Pro Series is designed for vapers who expect higher quality. The series offers products in several gauges, and you can find the 22G, 24G, 26G and 28G sizes. This makes it possible to get the right level of power from your mod, and you can get down as low as you need to with better control over your ohms. The series isn't just for advanced users, it's also designed to provide beginners with a high-quality product that won't give up. The packages all come with 10 feet of wire in the size you choose. That's a total of 120 inches and three pieces of premium cotton for the best experience possible.