Monocle Launch Box by Magic Flight


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The Monocle Launch Box by Magic Flight puts a new spin on one of the most unique dry herb vaporizers available today. The special edition of Magic Flight's popular device adds in a monocle style lid that is made of optical-grade glass. It also includes some improvements to the functionality of the original Launch Box that help to keep dry herbs nice and packed in the chamber where they will not slip through the monocle.


Product Description

These beautiful vaporizers are as visually stunning as they are functional. They are made out of walnut and handcrafted to perfection. Each kit comes complete with everything you need to use the rig right away. It includes 2 rechargeable NiMH Gold Cell batteries, a battery charger, glass draw stem, cleaning brush, user guide, and even a nifty natural hemp draw-string pouch for convenient carrying. Everything is also packaged in a nice felt-lined, decorative tin.

When you use the Monocle Launch Box by Magic Flight, you'll immediately appreciate the care that went into designing these vaporizers. The experience is quite unlike any other. The benefits of using this vaporizer include the economical use of dry herbs, fast heat-up time, and silent operation. Herbs vaporized in this unit are potent and the vapor volume is amazing. You will also be able to fully appreciate the flavor of your herbs, an area where many dry herb vaporizers fall short.

Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizers also include the original Magic Flight Launch Box. It is available in walnut, cherry, or maple. The original compact design of the unit makes it easy to carry in a pocket or handbag, and the performance is first-rate. One of the hallmarks of these rigs is that they use alkaline batteries. The heating unit on these vaporizers is also super efficient. It has a heat-up time of less than five seconds and the absence of metal or plastic in the unit lends itself to more effective heating.

You can also purchase Magic Flight Vaporizer replacement parts and accessories. These include the Magic Flight Vaporizer Tube Attachment. This tube is designed to produce a smoother, purer vape and deliver a bold inhale. The Magic Flight Wooden Stem uses a narrow vapor path to render bigger draws, more vapor, and intense flavor. All of these parts and accessories are made in the same facilities as Magic Flight vaporizers and subjected to the same high standards of quality.

Magic Flight has its headquarters in San Diego, California where the company uses a team of trained local artisans to produce each of its vaporizers by hand. The production process includes 87 steps and requires custom made tools. On the back of each Launch Box vaporizer you will find a quote that sums up the company's guiding principle: “Love is that which enables choice. Love is always stronger than fear. Always choose on the basis of love.”

The company truly takes this quote to heart. Each vaporizer produced by the company is a labor of love, requiring many hours to complete. It is no wonder that the company stands behind every product they sell with an unrivaled lifetime warranty. If you truly care about your vaping experience and want it to be the very best, do yourself a favor and experience the superior quality of Magic Flight.

While you are shopping for the Monocle Launch Box by Magic Flight, be sure to check out all of the items we carry for vaping dry herbs, essential oils, and concentrates. You will also find premium tanks, mods, and accessories for vaping traditional e-liquids. We've got something for everyone in our large collection. If you have a question about this vaporizer or any of the other items we carry, please contact us so that we can assist you.

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