Monster Melon by Cuttwood E-Liquid


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Monster Melon by Cuttwood E-Liquid is very reflective of the high quality products produced by Cuttwood Vapors. Cuttwood has built strong brand loyalty by their efforts to focus on what vapers want from their e-liquids and by the way they have inserted themselves into vaping culture with their Cuttwood TV, Cuttwood Racing, and Girls of Cuttwood programs.


Product Description

Monster Melon by Cuttwood E-Liquid is a perfect depiction of the brand itself--easygoing and laid back with exquisite taste.

Monster Melon by Cuttwood E-Liquid combines no less than three different melons to produce its unique taste and aroma. Notes of ripened mango, cantaloupe, and papaya are combined by Cuttwood's trained mixologists and scientists to create the ultimate in cool, crisp e-juice goodness. This e-liquid screams lazy summer evenings at the lake with friends. It presents in a subtle way that makes it suitable for all-day vaping and does not overpower the senses or become bitter on the tongue.

Handcrafted in California, Monster Melon by Cuttwood E-Liquid has consistently received rave reviews in the Vaping community. The highest quality ingredients are sourced by Cuttwood to produce their e-juices and the company insists on strict quality controls to deliver a consistent product each and every time. An extended steeping process allows the flavor to penetrate the e-juice. Users will savor every inhale.

Known for other premium flavors such as Boss Reserve, Sugar Drizzle, and Unicorn Milk, Cuttwood does a great job of reproducing the freshness of summer fruit in Monster Melon by Cuttwood E-Liquid. Many fruit-based e-juices fall short in how well they convey a realistic fruit taste, but this e-liquid will make your mouth water because it is so authentic and true to the taste of the melons that inspire it.

Most vaping enthusiasts like to have a few fruit flavors in their private reserve. Monster Melon by Cuttwood E-Liquid comes in bottle sizes of 30 or 120 ml with available nicotine strengths of 0, 1.5, 3, 6, 12, and 18 mg. The e-liquid is an amazing medley that those who try it will not soon forget.

Monster Melon by Cuttwood E-Liquid is so good that you will probably want to sample some of the other flavors offered by Cuttwood, and we have a vast selection of these e-juices in our inventory. Kick back with friends beside the pool, enjoy a summer picnic, and discover the pleasures of this premium and authentic-tasting celebration of melon flavor.

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