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If you like muffins in the morning, or any time of the day really, then Muffin Man by One Hit Wonder E-Liquid is a liquid that you need to try. Instead of one flavor note that gives you one muffin, you have several notes that blend together to make it seem like you are enjoying a few different kinds of muffins at the same time. This is a liquid that gives you the feeling of warmth that you might experience in the morning with a plate of muffins and a side of coffee or milk. 


Product Description

One of the flavor notes that you will automatically detect when you smell the liquid and taste it is that of a pastry. Most muffins don't taste like a pastry but have a flavor of a cake. This liquid is one that combines the two together. Picture a decadent, large muffin on a plate, intertwined with fresh fruits and a small amount of powdered sugar on top. This is what you'll get with the Muffin Man by One Hit Wonder E-Liquid experience. One of the fruit flavors that you can pick up on is an apple. There are hints of a few different kinds of apples, but the Granny Smith is one that stands out. A comparison is a muffin that is made with a mix of wheat and white flour with small bits of apples blended throughout. There are also notes of cinnamon, giving just the right amount of spice to the muffin. The aroma that comes from the liquid once it's warmed is similar to hot apple cider. 

The apple flavor that you can pick up on is strong for some. It's one that blends well with the sweet notes of the muffin, giving a satisfying overall taste. With all of the other juices that are available, Muffin Man by One Hit Wonder E-Liquid is one that gives you more of a breakfast treat when it's smoked. It's a flavor that doesn't hit very hard, but once you begin to gather the notes of apples and spices, you can feel them coating the tongue. This is a liquid that you don't want to set aside as it is one that is addictive for those who enjoy sweet treats. The idea of the liquid is to think of it as a warm treat with a drizzle of cinnamon topping, completed by a slight hint of vanilla on the side that brings the entire muffing together.

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