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MXJO Batteries are available at at reasonable prices. These batteries make use of the industry-standard IMR chemistry for outstanding battery life and performance. MXJO Technologies designs batteries that are specifically engineered to be used in vaporizers and feature exceptional quality that beats the current benchmarks for battery function. There is no more important part of a vaporizer than the battery which gives it power.

MXJO has been a producer of batteries, vaporizers, and other accessories for many years. The brand implements testing and safety procedures that are among the highest in the industry. MXJO products have passed CE and FCC Certifications in addition to the ISO 9001 system of quality management that is used internationally. Before they leave the production facilities, these batteries are given tests for discharge and safety. Each part of the manufacturing process at MXJO Technologies is tailored for optimum production. Team members are also highly-trained professionals who understand how vaporizer batteries must function in order to succeed. 

A good understanding of how batteries impact vaporizer performance begins with an examination of the chemistry that is used to produce them. Most vaporizers today are now favoring the IMR variety. IMR batteries like those produced by MXJO Technologies are a safer option for getting power to a vaporizer. IMR batteries make use of Lithium-manganese chemistry. IMR batteries are more tolerant to stress than ICR varieties, and this is an especially important consideration in Sub Ohm vaping. A Sub Tank vapes at a low resistance which places more load on a battery. ICR batteries use protected circuitry that can sometimes vent when protective circuits fail, posing a risk of fire and even potentially cause a battery to explode. An IMR battery is safer because it requires no protected circuitry.

The MXJO 18650 3000mAh 35A High Drain Rechargeable Battery is a stellar example of advanced vaporizer battery technology. It features 3000 mAh and 35 amps. This balance between Milliamp Hours and amperage means longer life and more functionality. The battery is perfect for Sub Ohm vaping due to its ability to handle low resistance loads without a high risk of failure. While economically priced, this IMR battery possesses all of the necessary power required for Sub Ohm vaping. 

Authentic MXJO Batteries and Parts

It is very important to note that purchasing batteries for a vaporizer should always be done from a trusted retailer that specializes in products that are specifically made for vaping. It is possible to find generic, unbranded batteries at some retailers, but these are often poorly made and pose significant risk. They can be damaging to a vaporizer as well as unsafe to the user. All MXJO Batteries available at come directly from the manufacturer and are guaranteed to be authentic. 

MXJO Technologies

MXJO Technologies has an impressive reputation that was earned through reliability and a dedicated work ethic. One hallmark of the company is that they take feedback from vapers into consideration as they work to perfect their batteries. Vapers themselves are the best source of information regarding batteries. They know what performs well and what does not. By listening to the vaping community, MXJO Technologies had managed to ascend the ranks of other brands and offer their batteries on an international scale.

If you have any questions or concerns about MXJO Batteries, we want to help. We have trained customer service associates that are ready to chat with you live or via email. They can help you determine which replacement battery is the right choice for you. While you are here, be sure to check out all of the other products offered by We stock premium mods, tanks, replacement parts, e-liquids and more.