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One of the most innovative vaping products to emerge in recent years is the MyJet Full Kit by Wismec. This highly portable little rig puts all of the power found in much larger units into a sleek rig that features a unique plug-and-play functionality that makes it easy to use right out of the box. It even has a draw-firing mechanism that eliminates the need for a power button. Just take a pull and enjoy.


Product Description

Wismec mods have emerged as an innovative force to be reckoned with, and this unit is a serious contender among entry-level, travel-friendly vaporizers. It measures just 4.1" X 0.7" X 0.4" when fully assembled, making it one of the smallest vaporizers of its kind on the market today. Those who have an active lifestyle and do a lot of traveling with their rig are going to love having one of these just for its portability. The small size is made possible in large measure by the pod system for filling utilized by Wismec in this unit. The pods hold 1.2 ml of e-liquid and have a quad clasp locking system to prevent leakage. Two of these single fill usage pods/atomizers are included with the kit.

The MyJet Full Kit by Wismec uses cotton wicking and 28 gauge Kanthal wire wrapped seven times for superior conductivity. The unit also uses gold-plated connections that are proprietary technology designed by Wismec. The resistance of the rig is 1.3 ohms and the unit has voltage based output. The draw activated firing mechanism is perhaps the most innovative feature of this little vaporizer. It fires when you inhale, eliminating the need for a power button. This really helps to conserve the life of the 350 mAh battery included with this kit. The battery also features a proprietary charging system, and the unit has atomizer protection, short circuit protection, low voltage detection, and resistance detection.

Wismec also produces the Reuleaux RX75 Box Mod Kit by Wismec. This nifty and powerful unit has all hidden operating buttons and variable temperature control. Its firmware is also capable of being upgraded as new improvements are introduced. Wismec tanks and mods are quickly gaining a reputation for the incorporation of technology that is on the very cusp of modern improvements to vaporizers.

More vapers these days are moving beyond the traditional, old school style of vaporizer pen and trying out more advanced mods. Making that leap can be a little intimidating, but this kit takes all of the apprehension out of vaping at an advanced level. Experienced vapers will love the compact size, but they will also find that this kit makes a great gift for their friends that are new to mods and enhanced equipment.

Wismec has become a respected player in the vaping industry because they are working hard to change the game. For their initial products, the company enlisted the services of some of the world's top vaporizer designers. They also hired a team of the most talented professionals in the industry. All of the products from Wismec are designed in the United States and subjected to the highest standards of safety and quality. The brand also offers a 90-day warranty against any defects that arise during the manufacturing process.

While you are shopping for a MyJet Full Kit by Wismec, be sure to check out our entire selection of premium tanks, mods, replacement parts, and accessories from all of the top brands. We are also happy to answer any questions that you may have about this kit or any of our other products via our live chat system or by email.

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    It bit the dust...

    Last night I bought this myJet e-cig. I enjoyed using it for about 12 hours, then it just quit. It won't take a charge or anything. I'm not happy.

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