MyJet Pods 5 pk by Wismec


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The MyJet Pods 5 pk by Wismec is an economical and convenient way to purchase spare pods for your MyJet. Produced by MyVapors for Wismec, these empty pods can be filled with your preferred e-liquid and used in your pod device. You don't have to be limited to the selection of pre-filled pods. Simply purchase one of these packs, fill it up, and vape.


Product Description

These pods are leak-resistant and can hold 1.2 ml of just about any e-liquid on the market. A 60VG and 40PG blend will offer the best blend of nicotine and flavor in these refillable units, but you can choose from your favorite fruit blends, dessert blends, or other designer e-juices. You are really only limited by your own personal taste preference when you use these pods.

The MyJet Pods 5 pk by Wismec was designed specifically to work with the MyJet, the first open-juice pod portable vaping device to hit the market. Pod units are becoming increasingly popular because of their compact design and simplicity of use. The MyJet requires no buttons to operate the device. All you have to do is inhale and the vaporizer does the rest. It uses a 350 mAh battery for power and will supply four to six hours of vaping time before needing a recharge. The atomizer for the pods makes use of a special organic cotton that is enclosed in a 28-gauge coil. As simple and portable as it is, this little vaporizer is going a long way toward changing how some people vape.

Wismec Mods also include the Reuleaux RX75 Box Mod Kit by Wismec for those who prefer a little more versatility than what the MyJet offers. Its innovative and intuitive features makes it a serious device for serious vapers. The unit was created by the famous designer Jaybo and ships with the Amor Mini Atomizer by Wismec.  Wismec tanks like the Amor are made of high-quality, durable materials such as Stainess Steel and tempered glass, and when paired with the RX75 produce incredible vapor volume and flavor.

Wismec may be one of the new players to enter the vaping marketplace, but they are already making a significant impact with devices like the MyJet. Sometimes, simplicity in a vaping device is what people crave. This is especially true of those that might be making the switch from traditional smoking to vaping. These individuals are who the MyJet was essentially designed for, and its pod system was created to preserve variety without complicating the vaping process. Just drop one of these pods in the unit and you're all set. Experienced vapers also like pod units because they make a perfect travel device or a unit for those times when you don't feel like bringing along your sub tank rig. The bottom line is that the pods are clean and convenient, and they can also limit waste.

Another great feature of using a pod device is that you aren't as committed to a specific flavor. These pods hold just 1.2 ml as opposed to the 3ml capacity of many tanks. You can even fill all five pods with a different e-liquid and swap them out at your leisure to suit whatever mood you happen to be in at the time.

While you are shopping for the My Jet Pods 5 pk by Wismec, be sure to check out all of the premium tanks, mods, and accessories in our vast inventory. We also have hundreds of e-liquids that will work great with your pods, all of them offered at the most competitive prices you will find online. If you have a question about these pods or any of the items we offer, please contact us so that one of our friendly team members can assist you.

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