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The Natural Goods Digital Vaporizer features glass on glass components and uses low levels of heat in order to draw apart moisture and oil, which provides a for more clean and healthy vaping experience. Within 4 to 6 minutes, the unit will reach its optimal temperature for vaporizing. The unit will let you know once the optimal temperature has been reached. This unit also includes fans which will assist you in the process of vaporizing.


Product Description

The Natural Goods Digital Vaporizer is manufactured in China but is American designed and comes from Natural Goods Inc. It has been on the market and heavily used since 2006. This unit comes with a digital LCD readout. As a hands-free box style unit, it features a passive air system that is driven by a medium sized fan. It has a dual core glass whip that is made of high-quality. In fact, it is of such high quality that some suppliers even offer a lifetime warranty for this unit. With effective operation, a reasonable price, and a sturdy build, it is a vaporizer that provides everything that you will need.

In fact, this is one of them most affordable digital vaporizers on the market today. Some people compare it to the Super Vapezilla as this unit allows you to regulate the temperature quite precisely for the plant material which is to be vaporized. Even though this unit looks like something you might find in a science laboratory, in other words, it's not meant to turn heads by its looks, you will find that the efficiency of the unit far outweighs the lack of creative or artistic visual value, especially once you see how easily you will be able to pop huge amounts of herbs into your lungs, quite easily.

When this Natural Goods Digital Vaporizer unit is used properly, it will allow you to inhale those essential oils that you crave, without using a flame, and all of this is done at a relatively low heat. It is just like inhaling mist and it allows you to avoid the unhealthy effects of burning tar and smoke.

This vaporizer does quite well with the hands free style of taping, unlike some of the other whip style vaporizer variations out there on the market. Passing the whip to other users can sometimes create issues with it falling away or becoming detached from the unit and this is why using a hands-free unit makes great sense. There is no need to hold the whip in place during a session ofvaping and therefore, everyone can just sit back and enjoy the experience of vaporizing their favorite mix of herbal concentrations.

No longer does the distinguished vaping enthusiast need to worry about replacing bags or having their vapor go stale. With this particular unit, all you have to do is set the dial to the right temperature and attach the whip. Then you can enjoy the mild flow of vapor as it enters your lungs.

The Natural Goods Digital Vaporizer has been engineered specifically to provide thick and billowy hits for complete satisfaction. Simply set the dial to whatever temperature you desire, using the digital temperature readout that is displayed right on the front of the unit. It comes with a handy brush for cleaning vape grounds from the screen but you also have the option to replace the screen entirely if enough residue has built up.

One of the other nice features about this vaporizer is that it comes with a heavy-duty vapor whip. It has medical grade tubing which allows you to avoid the problems that are found in other units that are used for direct inhaling which can get dangerously hot.

To get started, all you have to do is finely grind your herbs and then place a couple of pinches into the wand, while leaving some of the screen visible for better airflow. Once the temperature has reached the optimal level all you have to do is insert the wand into the side of the faceplate and wait a few seconds and voilà, you will see a wispy vapor emerge directly from the mouth piece. Go ahead and inhale for about 4 to 7 seconds and you certainly won't be disappointed.

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    Bad manufacturer

    Loved it at first, until the display died and the company didn't care. The whip is specific to this unit and costs $50 to replace. The whip is also a bit wonky - the extra glass that makes it specific to this unit is heavier than usual and makes it easily fall out and break. The manufacturer has discontinued this unit and could not care less that I am stuck with an expensive messed up vaporizer.

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    I want One

    If I knew these would no longer be available I would have bought a couple before they were all gone. This was my first vaporizer and it was always the best. I would say if you were looking for a comparable Vaporizer maybe the Evolutions and the Extreme on Fan setting 1 with the tubing may be comparable, but only comparable not the same. I have been through quite a lot of vapes and have friends who have vapes as well and this vape is and will always be one of the best.

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