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Featuring new glass on glass technology, the Natural Goods Vaporizer Standard allows you to inhale essential oil particles without having to use an open flame. The unit uses a fairly low heat source in order to separate the moisture and the oils. This lets you inhale only mist and leave the botanicals behind. Now you can avoid the unhealthy effects, such as smoke and tar, and only take in an aromatic fine vapor.


Product Description

It should be noted that visible vapor is not going to be present at all times. Even if you cannot actually see the vapors, just know that the vaporizer is still working and emitting potent vapors. The most flavorful and beneficial vapors of your session are those that are emitted initially. This is true even if you cannot actually see the vapors.

You will appreciate the heavy-duty dual core vapor whip that was first introduced by Natural Goods. It doesn't get hot, even after several uses. It is a good idea to remove the whip from the unit every time that you take a hit as this will help to clear the tube. If you do not do this then you will waste a lot of your materials.

The Natural Goods Vaporizer Standard features a large set of fans near the bottom of the unit and can provide for a passive air system. This is extremely helpful in the overall vaporization process. Thus ceramic heating element is chemically inert which provides for far greater durability for the Natural Goods Vaporizer Standard unit.

You must insert the whip into the unit so that it can warm up as the unit itself warms up. At about 360°, the vaporization unit will reach its optimal temperature. This generally takes between five and eight minutes. Once the perfect temperature has been reached, all you have to do is prepare yourself for a completely fulfilling vaporizing experience.

In order to turn on the Natural Goods Vaporizer Standard all you have to do is plug it in and then set it to your optimal temperature. After you set the temperature, place the whip into the front slot of the vaporizer.

Now you need to grind your herbs and pack them into the vaporizer. Remove the glass whip and place your herbs into the bowl. You should only fill the bowl to about 33% capacity as this will help with airflow.

Hold the mouthpiece part of the glass whip until the fan begins to push vapor at a slow and steady pace.

Now you are ready to use the Natural Goods Vaporizer Standard. Don't forget to remove the end of the whip right after you have finished vaping.

Empty out the residue from the vaporized herbs and repeat all steps above until you have finished your current session.

This unit is manufactured in China but is American designed. It comes from Natural Goods, which is a well known and trusted company. It has been on the market since 2006. The overall description of this vaporizer is a hands-free, box style table top unit featuring a digital readout and having a passive air system that is fan driven.

Although this is yet another box style generic type of vaporizer made in China, the quality of the build combined with the dual core glass whip enable the Natural Goods Vaporizer Standard to separate itself from the crowd. It features effective operation, a sturdy build, and delivers just what you need, right when you need it, and at a reasonable price.

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    i need this vape!

    I wish they carried this unit still! Ive been trying to find it everywhere! Mine fell when moving the other day and broke! I loved how the whip was in the unit so the seal was tight and also that it assisted with the air flow. Im looking for another unit now. Any suggestions to something that works similar?

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