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Natural Goods Vaporizers

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Natural Goods Vapes

Forget all the fluff and get a Natural Goods vaporizer if you want a truly professional vaping session. These devices may have a generic box style, but the build quality and unique features make these vaporizers true gems in the world of vaping. The company places a high emphasis on function over appearance, and you'll be paying for a device that works with a trouble-free operation and exceptional performance. The company has been making these boxes for over a decade, and true vapers understand the value and reliability built into their products. 

The company offers two main types of vaporizers. You can choose from a digital or standard vaporizer. The digital option offers a simplified digital readout that makes it possible to view the temperature of the unit quickly and easily. The standard unit gives kinesthetically-inclined vaper provides the option of using a simple dial for a more connected and tactile experience. Regardless of the option you choose, both units offer outstanding durability and provide an equally effective vape session.

If you're trying to choose between the standard or digital option, both units offer the same basic functionality. The main determining factor when choosing one over the other is whether you want a digital readout or a knob that allows you to adjust the temperature. For vapers who like to get a feel for a unit and play with the controls a bit more, the standard unit is a better choice. For those who want a specific temperature with no fuss, the digital option makes more sense. 

Notable Features

Both units offer a strong and durable dual-core whip. The movement of air through the unit is facilitated by a fan for an easier vaping session. Neither device qualifies as a portable unit, and you'll probably not find this a very easy device to transport on a regular basis. The unit is approximately seven inches long, five inches wide and four inches tall. It's powered using a heavy-duty power cable that operates on the 110/120v specification. 

Temperature Management

When it comes to temperature control, this unit offers exceptional reliability. You'll enjoy a chemically inert heating element that is made from ceramic material. This is important since some lower quality units will make use of plastic that can degrade and leach toxins in high-temperature applications. The temperature control on both units is controlled with a simple knob, but the digital option indicates the precise temperature of the unit. 

Durable and Reliable

When it comes to product build, this is one of the areas where these units excel. The build is constructed out of a tough, durable casing the resists heat well. Since the vaporizer is hands-free, you'll be able to enjoy a more active vaping session if you wish. A large fan exists at the base of the unit, and this fan can provide superior air flow to assist with even the densest applications. 

Accessories and Parts

The company is cited with the first dual core heavy duty vapor whips to hit the market. The whip doesn't get hot even after you've enjoyed several sessions. The dual core design helps to disburse heat so you don't take the brunt of it. The extra thick 22mm ground glass that the whip is constructed from offers a pristine and near-idyllic experience. 

Accessories and Parts

Natural Goods makes it possible to purchase replacement parts for your unit so you can keep it working like new. Pick up a heater cover or an extra whip so that you can enjoy a clean and thrilling vaping session every time.