Nectar Collector Banger Nail


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The Nectar Collector Banger Nail is a one of kind nail that you will want a part of your collection.


Product Description

Compatible with concentrates, enjoy smooth, refreshing sessions with the help of this bad boy. It is constructed of premium, thick Quartz glass that retains heat well for optimal usage. Employing a 14mm male joint, it is made for Nectar Collectors or any other pipe that has the heated element pointing downward. The banger is a great domeless alternative to the common dome-and-nail set up. 3.5 inches in length and 0.42 oz in weight, this nail incorporates a bucket shape which allows for larger amounts of product in one go. Perfect for on the go or sitting at home, the Nectar Collector Banger Nail is a convenient, easy to use piece that you will want to get your hands on. At a great price, get one today!

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