Nectar of the Sun by Red Clouds Elixir

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Imagine you were able to leave this world and spend a day traveling on another planet. The Nectar of the Sun by Red Clouds Elixir flavor profile is so satisfying that you just might think you've left planet Earth. It comes in the delicious flavors of strawberry and raspberry into one powerful concoction that's sure to leave you speechless.


Product Description

The flavor is rich, satisfying and truly out of this world. You'll know from the moment you begin your vaping session that you've stumbled upon a remarkable and different flavoring. It's not just that the mix contains strawberry and raspberry, but the expert mixing of these flavors brings out the sweetness of the strawberries and the robust flavoring of raspberry.

Imagine you're meeting up with friends and you bring out your bottle of Nectar of the Sun by Red Clouds Elixir. The first thing you might want to do is let them get a whiff of this sweetly pungent aroma. While the flavor isn't necessarily exotic, it's definitely different. Nectar of the Sun by Red Clouds Elixir has produced a mix that gets in and explores the many nuanced flavors of strawberry and raspberry. Where so many other vaping liquids attempt for novelty, the Nectar of the Sun by Red Clouds Elixir is determined to make this flavor profile as authentic as possible. Once you start, you're going to have some trouble putting this e-liquid to rest. It's so good, you'll secretly begin to wonder why it took so long to produce this product.

The story of Nectar of the Sun by Red Clouds Elixir is one that is likely shrouded in mystery. As all good vaping liquids should be, this one makes you feel like you're impossibly floating on a large red, fluffy cloud. Bring out the red lighting, and you'll be able to transport yourself to another world where strawberries and raspberries reign supreme. There is nothing quite like the succulent taste of strawberry mixed with the more grainy, full texture of raspberries. The flavor profile seems to be more strawberry than raspberry, but that makes the flavoring all the more attractive. The aroma is one of a sweet strawberry patch and the hints of raspberry help to provide a mouth-watering sensation that you won't soon forget.

If you're interested in buying an e-liquid to mix with other flavors, this is a good option. Since the Nectar of the Sun by Red Clouds Elixir mixture contains only strawberries and raspberries, the slightly acidic taste lends itself well to more robust flavors like orange or blueberry. In fact, one great way to enjoy this flavor is by mixing it with several different flavors. It's strong enough that any other flavor you mix with the liquid will become secondary. That will help to bring out the natural flavors inherent in the strawberry and raspberry mixture. Add just the smallest amount of vanilla, and you'll be able to enjoy a divine texture that literally melts in your mouth as you expel the delicious smoke from between your lips.

The elixir comes in several different nicotine combinations. Ultimately, you get to choose exactly the amount of nicotine you want in each dose. You'll be able to choose increments ranging from 0mg to 6mg of nicotine. The nice thing about the Nectar of the Sun by Red Clouds Elixir is that if you want a 1.5mg option, there is one that is already pre-mixed and ready to go. This makes it easier for you to select the elixir that matches your needs without having to worry mixing several different bottles to get just the right level of nicotine.

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