Neon Cream by The Lost Fog Collection E-Liquid


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Neon Creme is the newest flavor in the The Lost Fog Collection by Cosmic Fog Vapors. This delicious flavor is designed to turn any day or night into an epic party. The mixers at Cosmic Fog Vapors start with the sweet taste of a hand-picked orange. To the orange flavor they add the tartness of raspberries. Then they add a hint of lime. A dash of subtly sour lemon comes next. Finally, they mix the orange, raspberry, lemon and lime together with a subtle but sweet cream taste. Mixed together and chilled to perfection, the flavors are designed to mimic the fun taste of tart but sweet rainbow sherbet.


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Whether you want to relax from a long day out or enjoy a fun blast from the past, this unique flavor is spot on. It is exceptional enough to be a great all day vapor.

Cosmic Fog Vapors believes that all of their flavors should be exceptional enough to be great all day vapors. That is why after spending an average of seven to ten months on each new flavor, the mixers and founders will use the flavor non-stop for weeks. They want to ensure that each new flavor stays original and exciting for their customers. Brant Peto, co-founder and chief executive officer of Cosmic Fog Vapors, started the company in Orange County, California with a lofty but simple goal: to create the best vapors the world has ever seen. To that end, each vapor is crafted in the state-of-the-art Cosmic Fog Vapors lab. After nearly a year of planning, the lab has been fully operational since May. All of the liquids are mixed, bottled, labeled and wrapped in the Cosmic Fog Vapors clean room. Their process involves filtering each liquid five times. Doing so ensures that each liquid reaches the customer completely free of contaminants, which would reduce the vapors' premium quality. Their painstaking process makes sure each vapor is of the highest quality, completely clean and utterly delicious. 

It may take more time to filter each liquid five times, but Cosmic Fog believes the extra effort is worth producing premium quality vapors for their customers, whom they refer to as the Cosmic Fog Vapors family.

Try all of the flavors in The Lost Fog Collection, Neon Creme, Baie Creme and Streek. Any day or night can become an epic party in your mouth with these fun flavors. Look for new flavors being developed right now. You will enjoy the unique taste of the premium flavors in The Lost Fog Collection by Cosmic Fog Vapors. You will not regret choosing the best vapors in the vaping world.

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