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Monthly Archives: November 2016

  • Expert Shopping Advice

    Expert Shopping Advice It's our favorite time of the year again. No not Thanksgiving, it's after you've had your fill of turkey and football and are ready to fight your fellow man to get those doorbuster deals that people have literally killed for. But why go out into the mayhem when [...]
  • Choosing a Right Dab Nail

    Choosing a Right Dab Nail Dabbing, or smoking concentrates, is said to be the future of herbal consumption. Vaporizing concentrates delivers more of the active chemicals in herbs versus traditional smoking methods, without the carcinogenic smoke that comes with joints and burning flowers in bowls. You may have used a dab [...]
  • Gone Green

    Gone Green November 8th has come and gone with what is now looked at as a huge victory in the cannabis industry. 8 of the 9 states with a 2016 ballot measure passed their propositions legalizing marijuana in some form. Recreational: California, which was thought to be a sure bet, passed Proposition 64 which [...]
  • Veterans Day 2016

    Veterans Day 2016 Formally known as “Armistice Day”, Veterans day originated on November 11th, 1919, exactly one year after the end of World War I. Officially recognized as a national holiday in 1938, Veterans Day pays homage to all the men and women who bravely served their country. These men and [...]
  • Veterans Day Save 20% Off

    Veterans Day Save 20% Off Honoring all those who served this Veterans Day with 20% off all Mods & E-Liquids. Click the link to unlock the special Promo Code and start saving today through Monday. Got Vape would like to thank all those who served this Veterans Day by offering 20% off [...]
  • National Election Day

    #GOTVOTE16 GIVEAWAY It's the Nationwide event that only happens once every four years. Where we as Americans get to choose, kind of, who we want to run our country. Got Vape wants to reward everyone who went out and voted for their choice by doing a giveaway to 10 different people. In [...]
  • Choosing a Mod – A Quick Reference Guide

    What’s a Mod, Anyway? If you’re going through cig-a-likes like they’re candy or you simply just want more control over your vaping experience, you might want to consider getting a mod device. When it comes to portable vaporizers, mod devices are all the rage and come in a variety of styles [...]
  • #GOTWULF Sweepstakes

    #GOTWULF Sweepstakes 1) Two Los Angeles Rams tickets for December 11th game against the Atlanta Falcons and a Lone Wulf Mechanical Mod Kit by Wulf Mods. 2) Two Los Angeles Clippers Tickets on December 22nd against the San Antonio Spurs and a 75w Box Mod Kit by Wulf Mods 3) Two tickets to [...]

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