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Monthly Archives: September 2017

  • Best Horror Flicks to Watch with your Dry Herb Vape

    Best Horror Flicks to watch with your Dry Herb Vape The King of horror, Stephen King, used to smoke pot and drink beer while writing some of his horror classics, which would, in term, become classic horror movies. Some even debate that a few of Stephen King's stories make more sense [...]
  • 10 Popular Portable Vaporizers

    10 Popular Portable Vaporizers There seems to be a new product coming out every time you turn around, so making the choice of which vape pen to buy isn’t easy. Let’s go over several of the latest and greatest pens to try and make that decision a little easier for you. iCare [...]
  • Cloud Chasing 101

    Cloud Chasing 101: Chasing Clouds for Beginners Maybe you’ve seen someone puffing huge clouds and decided you’d like to try that for yourself? Maybe you are curious about what it takes to get into the world of competitive cloud chasing? Well, get ready, here’s a crash course on the skills you [...]

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