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  • Vaping Now, The Rising Epidemic Among High School Teens

    Vaping Now, The Rising Epidemic Among High School Teens The rapid spreading of the trend first caught traction in 2016 when according to CNN, the US Surgeon general cited a 900% increase in e-cigarette use by high school teens from 2011 to 2015. The 2016 National Youth Tobacco Survey noted that [...]
  • Vape Laws: How Old Do You Have To Be To Vape?

    Vaping Laws With this boom in sales it brings into question; Can everyone vape? And how old do you really need to be to vape? In this blog we are going to break down the age limitations and each state’s laws on vaping. To learn more, keep on reading. How old do [...]
  • May Must Haves

    It’s that time to get into the newest, innovative devices out on the market today. This is Got Vapes’ May Must Haves. Exxus Mini Plus Starting off the list is the newest to the Exxus Family, the Exxus Mini Plus by Exxus Vape. Finding a great, portable performance enhancing device is no [...]
  • To the Old Town Road

    You could hear the chirping of birds as the sun emerged, shinning its rays across the sky. This twisting two-lane scenic, historic State Route 74 highway reaches over Orange County all the way over to Inland Empire and everywhere in between. Spanning over 28.2 miles of long winding mountains, pine [...]
  • Got Vape Takes WonderCon 2019

    The Anaheim Convention Center saw three days of great comics, movies and of course great cosplay. Got Vape were among some of the few that enjoyed this action packed, fun filled event. Exploring Wondercon with Got Vape WonderCon originally started in 1987 in Oakland, California as “The Wonderful World of Comics [...]
  • April Must Haves

    The Combining top performance, easy to use operation, well-build chassis and increased, great tasting vape clouds this list is full of devices you are going to want to add to the list. Exxus Mini Plus by Exxus Vape Starting off the list is the Exxus Mini Plus by Exxus Vape. Know as [...]
  • Coming Soon: The Exxus Push and Exxus Mini Plus

    Combining top performance, a well build frame and delivering billowy vape clouds, both devices are crafted for an unforgettable experience. And at a great price, you’re not going to want to miss out. The Exxus Push The Exxus Push is a one of a kind, innovative box mod that [...]
  • St. Patrick's Day

  • Valentine's Day

  • Reflecting on a King’s Legacy

    Reflecting on a King’s Legacy The pastor, activist, humanitarian, Martin Luther King Jr. is most known for his instrumental role in the ending segregation as well as the African American Civil Rights Movement. While the United States and employers now observe the holiday, this day was not accomplished easily [...]

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