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NKTR E-Liquid

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  • Guava by NKTR E-Liquid

    Do you love fruit flavored eliquids, but find that it's difficult to find flavors which really hit the spot for you? There's so many varieties of fruit flavored juices that it can be incredibly tough to find something that tastes and vapes just right - let alone one that becomes your all day vape. If you haven't yet tried some of the offerings from NKTR, you'd be doing yourself a huge favor by giving their fruit eliquids a taste test - it's highly like that once you do, your search will be over.

  • Mango by NKTR E-Liquid

    From your very first puff of delicious Mango by NKTR E-Liquid, you know your discerning taste buds are in for a real treat. NKTR E-Liquid is the first vaping e-liquid to use 100% tobacco free nicotine in its entire product line. This tobacco free nicotine is practically undetectable and has no taste or odor to interfere with the flavor of your vaping e-liquid.


NKTR E-Juice

NKTR E-Liquid is an e-juice company in the state of California. The company was started with a simple goal: to create the most sumptuous and wonderful fruit and candy flavored e-liquids on the e-liquid market. The company strives to create only the very best. The vapors are made with the finest ingredients, all natural fruit extracts. They intend to transport the vapers with delicious blends that will take them away and please the tongue without growing tiresome. The vapors are intended to be great all day vapes. NKTR e-liquid wants your business, so they take great effort and care in crafting each new vapor. 

NKTR E-Liquid currently makes six different flavors. Three are fruit flavored: Guava, Mango and Pear. The other three are also fruit flavored but made with a twist. They are created to taste like yummy sour candy. They are Watermelon, Strawberry and Apple. All of their flavors are delicious and created to thrill the vapers. They are mixed in 70/30 VG/PG ratio, so they create great clouds that are soft, silky and of the highest quality. The blends take months to craft and perfect, and NKTR E-Liquid is sure that vapers will be thrilled with the results.

Guava by NKTR E-Liquid is made to mimic the finest flavors from guavas that are grown naturally. The flavor is sweet and sure to excite. Mango by NKTR E-Liquid is made with sweet mango flavors, meant to remind people of that sweetest fruit from California or Florida. Pear by NKTR E-Liquid is a delicate flavor that is light and airy, so it does not get too heavy the way some vapor blends can. You can use any of these vapors all day long and rest assured that the vapor will stay original and exciting without tiring the tongue.

Sour Candy and Fruit Flavored E-Liquid

The sour candy flavors are Apple, Watermelon and Strawberry. Apple is made with flavors meant to remind you of eating delicious Washington apples. You will think of vast apple orchards with sweet ripe apples when you use this vapor blend. Watermelon is made to remind you of succulent juicy watermelon hand-picked from the vine. You will remember fun summer picnics complete with everyone's favorite fruit when you use this taste blend. Strawberry is reminiscent of the finest strawberries that are hand-picked and grown in the mountains. These three flavors have a sour candy taste that is fun and will put you in mind of carefree childhood days of eating your favorite candy.

NKTR E-Liquid uses only the finest ingredients to create their blends. All of the e-liquid is filtered, so it reaches the customer as clean as it is tasty. Try these delicious e-juices today, and be one of the many satisfied customers.