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NO2 Vaporizer Replacement Parts

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NO2 Vaporizer Replacement Parts

The company behind the NO2 Vaporizer was first established in 1997 under the name Advanced Inhalation Revolution. They quickly took their place amongst the top vaporizer manufacturers on the market, and their devices were well-known for their ability to create delicious vapor from any ground herbaceous blend. They were one of the first to completely remove combustion from the devices, which instantly made them incredibly powerful and reliable. Their reach continued to grow as a brand, and in November of 2006 they re-incorporated into Vapir, Inc.

Vapir is a company that is deeply committed to innovating revolutionary devices that far outweigh all competitors in the digital vaporizer marketplace. Their goal is to create a vaporizer that completely converts the material being vaporized into pure vapor without any waste material being left behind. If they can reach their goal of fully separating the carcinogens and negative elements from the therapeutic compounds, they will be the first in history to create the perfect device. As it stands, they are well on their way. They've already created multiple devices that are industry-leaders for their flavor and cloud potential.

The brand focuses on both portable and tabletop vaporizers, so any user would be sure to find a product from Vapir that works for them. Each device is made with a premium LCD display screen, the highest-quality materials available, and with designs produced by expert engineers and architects. The end results are devices that nearly reach perfection. Vapir vaporizers use convection heating, which involves moving heated air over the material to be vaporized instead of exposing the material to an element. This makes it impossible for combustion to take place.

We at understand that Vapir products are some of the most premium available today, which is why we carry a full range of NO2 Vaporizer replacement parts. Vapir also has world-class customer service and numerous patrons from across the globe. Their devices are popular amongst those who understand the true value of a premium vaporizer such as the NO2.

NO2 Vaporizer Comfort Care Package

The first item in our stock of NO2 Vaporizer replacement parts is the Comfort Care Package. This item includes several pieces that make using the NO2 much easier, like a cleaning brush, two loading tools, two replacement screens, a replacement airflow channel, and a loading scoop. These tools are vital for maintaining the NO2.

The next item we have in our inventory of NO2 Vaporizer replacement parts is the Mesh Screen. This item comes in packs of 4 or 20, and it should be changed out of the device about once every two weeks with normal use. These screens are easy to change and fit right inside the device.

Mouthpieces & Batteries by NO2 Vaporizer

Next we have the NO2 Vaporizer Top Mouthpiece. This piece is manufactured directly by Vapir, and it easily snaps on and off the NO2 device. These units should be changed regularly in order to prevent the build-up of residue. It has a sleek black design that mimics the rest of the NO2 device.

We also carry an NO2 Vaporizer Battery that uses lithium-ion technology to hold an impressive charge. The battery only takes about 30 minutes to fully charge, and it can provide up to a full hour of continuous use. The battery can be recharged thousands of times before it will lose any potency. We also carry a Car Charger and a Power Cord for the device that allows it to be used just about anywhere.

If you plan on traveling with your NO2 Vaporizer, you'll probably want to think about a Custom Case. This case is perfect for protecting the device on the go, and it has compartments for accessories and replacement parts.