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Noble Leaf by Alfaliquid recalls the exquisite tastes of one of France's most memorable monarchs, Louis XIV. It combines the flavor of delicacies like rich chocolate and caramel with that of Virginia tobacco to produce a remarkably robust e-liquid that is smooth yet possesses an intense amount of depth on every draw. This is an e-liquid that turns vaping into an experience that is meant to be savored.


Product Description

At the heart of this e-liquid is the traditional taste of the finest tobacco. Within these pleasant flavor notes are hints of chocolate, vanilla, and nuts. On the exhale is where the true magnificence of this special blend shines. Warm, decadent caramel and popcorn are discernible in the air and on the palette. While this is an elegant e-liquid to use in a traditional vaporizer, it really shines in a nice sub tank. Alfaliquid rates it with five stars for vapor volume, and it will produce vast clouds of aromatic goodness.

Noble Leaf by Alfaliquid represents all that is good about European e-liquids. It is satisfying yet gentle enough that it can be vaped all day without becoming bitter or overpowering. Its essence helps to turn a simple vape into an experience, a moment in time that you take for yourself to enjoy life and all of its pleasures. It is not an e-liquid that is simply meant to fill the hours of your vaping passion. It is meant to be savored.

Other flavors from Alfaliquid include Milk Berry by Alfaliquid. This e-liquid will appeal to those who appreciate a softer vape that still delivers a flavorful pull. It takes the taste of fresh strawberries and covers it with fresh, creamy milk. You can imagine sitting on a terrace in a French villa and overlooking the foggy countryside as the flavors of this e-liquid linger in your mouth and on the air. Those who like a fresh, crisp taste will love Winter Leaf by Alfaliquid. This mixture combines frosted mint, wintergreen, and green peppermint for a taste that is at once sweet and cool. It makes the mouth water with its authenticity.

In Europe, Alfaliquid is widely regarded as the most popular brand of e-liquid. The brand currently accounts for more than 50% of the market share. The brand has gained this following by focusing on quality and safety. Alfaliquid uses no harmful chemicals in the production of their e-juices, relying instead on better compounds such as Vegetable Glycol and food grade flavoring that is sourced from the best suppliers in France. Alfaliquid's production facilities meet or exceed all of the industry certifications and standards for safety and quality, and the clean rooms in which these e-liquids are steeped are maintained to perfection.

Alfaliquid is owned by Gaiatrend and was founded by the Martzel family in 2008. At the helm of e-liquid creation is Xavier Martzel, a trained professional with an advanced degree in mixology and flavor artistry. Xavier's training as a "vapologist" is comparable to that of a professional chef, and he oversees all of the company's unique creations to this very day. All products from Alfaliquid are packaged in a 30 ml bottle with a dropper, and they come in nicotine strengths of 0, 3, 6, 11, and 16 mg. 

While you are shopping for Noble Leaf by Alfaliquid, be sure to check out all of the flavors from this popular European brand. This is also a great time to explore all of the premium mods, tanks, and accessories in our selection. If you have any questions or concerns about your choices, please contact us via live chat or email so that we may assist you.

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