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NumSkullz E-Liquid

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Numskullz E-Juice

Vapers, get ready for an E-Liquid taste that will send you into a scrumptiously tasty place you'll want to return to again and again. Numskull z E-Liquid is the brand that is doubling down on incredibly lip-smacking flavors for vapers who want to experience a new zone of tasty pleasure with every draw! 

The flavors offered by Numskullz are second to none, and there's no mystery why.
This brand is making a major name for itself by offering flavors that are carefully curated, mixed, blended, tasted, mixed, tasted and blended again, to bring you the kind of taste sensations that will leave you numb with skull cracking pleasure! 

Don't believe it? Get a load of these amazing E-Liquid flavors from Numskullz!

Beachy and Brazzy are two delicious E-Liquid flavors from Numskullz that feature an incredible candy taste that will leave die-hard vapors craving them more and more with every draw. These E-liquid flavors are a candy lover's delight. The taste sensation they bring on is just like unwrapping a beautiful box of candies and savoring each and every bite. Each liquid from Numbskullz comes in a choice of nicotine levels from 0mg to 6mg to 9mg, so you can choose the boost you need to have a great vaping experience. 

The rich, flavorful E-liquid taste of Beachy offers a luscious combination of peach and banana flavors. This E-liquid is exotic and delicious, and offers the feel of an incredibly luxurious afternoon spent on the beach at Waikiki!

Strawnana and Wapple E-Liquid

Brazzy stands on its own as an E-liquid flavor that offers all the tangy, tongue tingling excitement of blueberries and raspberries all mixed together in an amazing taste sensation that has to be vaped to be believed.

Want more? How about Mixed Berry by Numskullz E-Liquid flavors from Numskullz? Strawnana combines the enticing candy flavors of strawberry and banana, while Wapple combines the tart, crisp taste of fresh apple with a hint of watermelon. These amazing tastes are incredible when vaped separately, but they can also be combined for a whole other fruity taste experience!

How could so much candy tasting goodness be available in an E-liquid? It's all the result of the fine blending and mixing genius that's behind the tastes at Numskullz. No, you don't have to be a Numbskull to appreciate the great quality this brand is putting out in the vape world, but you'd be touched in the head if you didn't order up today!

Are you ready for the exotic goodness that is behind every E-liquid Numbskullz creates? If you enjoy candy coated pleasure all blended into an incredible vape juice, you better order now!