NYX Dual Quartz Coil Wax Atomizer by Yocan

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The NYX Dual Quartz Coil Wax Atomizer by Yocan is a streamlined, premium mod specifically designed to create a clean draw packed with pure essence. Made completely of metal, this is an ideal addition as a box mod. It has a dual quartz coil heating mechanism that tempers concentrates and essential oils to the perfect point to create an ideal vapor without scorching the product. It is available in two colors, allowing users the option to make it a perfect, seamless addition to their piece.


Product Description

The NYX Dual Quartz Coil Wax Atomizer by Yocan packs a serious punch in its little form. The entire item is made of metal, allowing heat and vaporization to occur at a speedy, even level. It has a dual quartz coil heating element, so concentrates or essential oils are vaporized in a way to allow clean vapor and smooth flavor. The NYX also boasts a spring carburetor. When pressed, the draw is allowed to be enjoyed to its fullest extent by clearing the chamber of all vapor.

The NYX stands just 2.17 inches tall and .91 inches wide, making it a compact mod so each piece maintains its manageable size. It has male style, 510 thread attachment component which makes in an easy addition to most box mods. The recommended wattage output for this atomizer is between 15W-25W. The NYX can also be broken down into four pieces for easy maintenance, cleaning, and storage.

As with any item that is used continually, over a period of time, the heating coils will eventually need replacement. In order to allow people the option to use the NYX for as long as possible, Yocan also has the NYX Dual Quartz Coil Replacement Coil 5 Pack available for purchase. Having a stock on hand of the replacement coils ensures that the piece will be ready to produce the perfect draw every time you use it.

Yocan has also made available several items that are self contained units. The Hive Concentrate Kit is a petite, discreet box that still offers all the power needed to create a massive draw. It has a 13450 rechargeable battery, replaceable cartridges, and a side display that indicates how much life is remaining on the battery. Users will never be left guessing when it's time to plug it in. The Hive is designed to release power and be ready to use in seconds for each concentrate draw. 

Yocan, the designer and maker of these products, built their company on the ethos of exceptional products that create an overall idyllic vaping experience. They dwell in the specific niche of essential oils, dry herbs, and concentrates vaporization. By doing this, they have allowed themselves to develop some of the best devices on the market. 

They help guarantee the caliber of excellence in their devices by offering a customer satisfaction guarantee. With some devices even patented, each one is CE, RoHS, and FCC certified so users can rest easy knowing they've invested in the epitome of a quality product.

As you examine the NYX Dual Quartz Coil Wax Atomizer by Yocan to decide if it's the perfect mod for you, don't hesitate to look through the comprehensive list of pens, e-liquids, mods, tanks, and parts available through GotVape.com. If you see something you have a question about or have any general queries, please contact our customer service representatives as they are more than happy to help.

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