Octo by Gemini E-Liquid


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Get multi-dimensional with Octo by Gemini E-Liquid for your next vaping session. The product is made from a well-known vaping manufacturer, and you can trust the product to be of high-quality and good potency. You'll be able to enjoy this flavor on its own, and there is no mixing required.


Product Description

It's very likely you'll end up getting more than one bottle, as this is a great all-around staple vaping e-liquid that you'll enjoy repeatedly. The overall impression of this cape is strong, fruity and dense. It doesn't have that thinness that some other vape e-liquids on the market have. You'll also enjoy a punchy blend of aromatics that are sure to appease the senses.

The taste is much what you would expect from Gemini. You'll get a sweet grape and blueberry mix that strikes the tongue with just the right amount of tartness. The taste is punchy, and this is not a mild e-liquid. However, it's also not overbearing, and you'll find that it's got an authentic taste that gives off a strong berry taste. You can almost taste a bit of raspberry in this mix as well. Octo by Gemini E-Liquid is one of those e-liquids that will act as a staple in your collection. Certain flavors are so pure and effective that you'll want to buy them and keep them in stock. The flavor is almost like candy, but it doesn't have that artificial taste you might expect. No matter where you vape, this flavor will bring a smile to your face every time.

The aroma is a bit more complex than you would initially expect. There are scents of blueberry and grape, but you'll also get a sweet hint of vanilla and some soft spice from this blend. This blend could be best described as a punch blend, and you'll experience a fading in and out of flavor profiles throughout the vaping session. It produces good clouds, and you'll be able to surround yourself in a luxurious bath of fruity scents. No matter where you vape, this flavor won't be intrusive to others. The scent is not so strong that people from across the room will be disturbed by it, but it's not so weak that you won't be able to enjoy the aromas. It has an overall sweet aromatic, and you'll love the feeling that you've wandered into a blueberry patch with each puff.

Mixing Octo by Gemini E-Liquid with other e-liquids is easy. The first option you'll want to try is to add a bit of vanilla. The vanilla will help to smooth out some of the stronger berry flavors, and it will give you the impression that you're drinking a calorie-dense smoothie. Other combinations that work well are blackberry, strawberry, prune and raisin. You'll find that keeping Octo by Gemini E-Liquid on hand works well for mixing with all sorts of other flavors. Just a drop or two is all you need to sweeten up some of your dry vapes. This is also a great flavor for improving some of your less favorite e-liquids. When you first open the bottle, you'll experience the full strength of all of the flavors. However, this is a fairly subdued aroma that won't make your room smell of blueberries and grape.

Get Octo by Gemini E-Liquid in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg and 12mg options. You'll be able to mix to the right concentration that meets your needs. It's also not a bad idea to have the 0mg option around for people who don't normally vape. Once they smell this vape, they are going to want to try it for themselves.

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