Orange Jello by Milk N Jelly E-Liquid

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If you crave a crisp, sweet orange flavor with a slight soda fizz to it and a creamy milk after taste, then Orange Jello by Milk N Jelly E-liquid is your vape flavor. It blends a smooth citrus flavor to create an intense all day vape experience without overpowering the taste buds. The orange flavor is crisp and sweet without tasting too much like candy and tastes like it has a creamy coating to give it that true dessert experience. 


Product Description

The flavor delivers that cool orange jello flavor without being too overpowering. This flavor delivers the fruity flavor with a creamy hint, like jello covered with evaporated milk. A truly cool and smooth flavoring that can create an all day vaping experience. Those around you will smell the sweet creamy citrus aroma of Orange Jello and you will be left wanting it until the last puff. Feel the smooth well-blended flavor of creamy orange jello, leaving you with the calming relaxing flavor of subtle orange with a creamy taste. A true summertime treat meant to leave the mouth watering and taste buds tingling. 

Each inhale and exhale leaves you with the taste of the smooth and well-blended subtle orange flavor with a creamy after taste. You can taste the oranges, not too strong, but like an orange soda, and the creamy whipped cream flavor, like evaporated milk. These combined flavors leave it not too strong to be overpowering, and it is great as an all day vape. This ice cold orange jello topped with evaporated milk is sure to be a hit with the summertime flavor crowd. 

Each puff of Orange Jello leaves you feeling like you are relaxing on the porch swing with a bowl of cold as ice orange jello topped with whipped cream. A truly relaxing, scrumptious all day vaping experience. If you want a crisp, creamy summertime flavor that is well-blended and smooth, then this one is for you! For a vape that leaves you wanting more, Orange Jello by Milk N Jelly is truly that flavor. Tingle your taste buds and leave your mouths watering with this summertime classic blend of orange jello and creamy whipped topping. Just like a dessert at a cookout or a snack by the pool, Orange Jello will become a favorite vape to relax with no matter what time of day. Orange Jello by Milk N Jelly truly delivers on that orange jello flavor.

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