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Paragon Technology Tanks

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Paragon Technology Tanks

Today the vaping world has become a massive subculture enjoyed by the enthusiastic multitudes, and we here at are proud to represent some of the finest brands of tanks and vaping paraphernalia offered today for the ultimate in vaping enjoyment. 

Here at, we stand by the quality of our brands, which is why we are very proud to represent products produced by the refined and very fine folks at Paragon Technology.

Paragon Technology currently offers a tank called The Magneto RDA. This beautifully designed tank is an example of the stunning elegance of a design aesthetic that focuses on sheer simplicity. This sleek little piece stuns the viewer with its clean sense of grace and elegance, but more than that, it delivers delicious clouds of vapor that will have dedicated vapes singing (and inhaling and exhaling) its praises!

The Elements of Style, Offered Courtesy of The Authentic Magneto RDA

The Magneto RDA from Paragon Technology is truly authentic in every sense of the word. These adorable little tanks are individually serialized and engraved, making them a lovely keepsake or a perfect gift for the beloved vape enthusiast in your life. These tanks are easy to drip and easy to rebuild, too, making them pleasingly user-friendly as well as beautiful to handle and to look at. 

How To Use Paragon Tanks

To open up these tanks, just swing open the top and let it drip. Then, swing the top back into place and allow the magnets to lock it all back into place, perfectly. The sides of The Magneto RDA feature a slotted design which allows for extra air to flow in. A three post design keeps things stable and looking good. The double O rings keep it all nice and clean. When you want to rebuild the Magneto RDS, just pop off the cylinder to get easy access to the posts inside. Then just slide the cylinder back down into place. The double O rings will keep this piece safe and secure and keep the juice safely locked inside. These sleek little pieces fit 510, and they come in a sassy selection of very attractive colors and designs. All this, and at a price that makes it easy to collect a whole set.

Is there any doubt that Paragon Technology is a brand that's serious about offering dedicated vapers with the quality products they need, at the price points they demand? No, there's no doubt about it at all. So go ahead and order up The Magneto RDA from Paragon Technology, and be sure to get a tank in every color they offer. Tanks that work this well and look this good are just too hard to resist, so be sure to order several, immediately. 

Here at we're proud to present products from fine brands like Paragon Technology. We stand by the quality of every product offered on our site, and it is our hope that every product here will enhance your enjoyment of the vaping experience and of your entire life in general.